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A Word of Advice: The articles in this section were published over a period of 15 years. While we do make an effort to update links as articles are posted, some articles may refer to resources that no longer exist or whose contact information or prices have changed. We DO NOT recommend that you order any product mentioned in these articles without first checking (via Google or some other search engine) to see if the company still exists, still is doing business at the same address, and the product still has the mentioned price.

Special Feature!  The Future of Homeschool Lobbying
Where would homeschoooling be without lobbyists? Let’s hope we never find out.

Special Feature!  What Homeschoolers Should Expect from President Trump
What do we know about what President Trump’s policy will be toward homeschooling?

Special Feature!  When Frugal Is Illegal: Here’s How to Avoid the Copyright Trap
Kim Kautzer answers commonly asked questions on copyright material, and elaborates on the limitations of replicating or sharing curriculum.

Special Feature!  Bears in the House
Mike Berenstain shares the “inside story” about what it was like growing up with his parents and eventually working with his mom to continue the "Berenstain Bears" series.

Special Feature!  A Homeschooler Wins the Heisman
Tim Tebow, a pioneer for homeschoolers in high school and college sports, has won college football's top award!

Special Feature!  Dr. Arthur Robinson & Kids in 2008 - Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine
Read about the overall 2008 Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards winner.

Special Feature!  Patriarchy, Meet Matriarchy
Where the new movement for “Dad involvement” is missing the boat.

Special Feature!  Discover Your Child's Learning Style
We interview the ladies who wrote the book!

Special Feature!  John Taylor Gatto Interview
Get comfy on your couch and soak up great ideas and insights from this former New York State Teacher of the Year. Mr. Gatto gets the highest possible rating when he speaks at homeschool conferences... now you can find out why!

Special Feature!  How to "Bee" a Spelling Success
National acclaim! Big scholarships! Or maybe just learning to be an excellent speller. Find out how Spelling Bee contestants prepare for their big day- and what it takes to win.

Special Feature!  What We Can Learn from the Homeschooled 2002 National Geography Bee Winners
These kids know geography. So, what methods did they and their parents use that let them beat nearly 5 million other kids?

Special Feature!  The Homeschool Admirer
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Special Feature!  Getting Started in Homeschooling: The First Ten Steps
Mary Pride explains the essential ten steps.

Mary Pride

The Facts about Saxon Math Are there gremlins in Saxon Math? Mary gives you the whole story so you can decide for yourself.

The Problems: Good and "Bad" The complete list of Saxon's "objectional" problems and some select wholesome ones.

Betty Borrower and Barbara Blessing Neither a borrower nor a spender be? Hmm... that's not quite right.

Homeschool Goes High-Tech Homeschools now can have better tech than public schools.

CH****MAS or Christmas How to put "Christ" back into Christmas--and the "thanks" back into Thanksgiving.

Lets Get Wired Mary Pride thinks it's time homeschoolers should get wired.

Abolish High School? It’s possible to get into college without high school.

Homeschooling Invaded by Marketers Where there’s a market, there will be those tempted to exploit it.

Learning Disabilities: Fact or Fiction? What do we do when our kids don’t learn what we’re trying to teach them?

Tribal Guys in Funny Hats Our ancestors, those Tribal Guys in funny hats.

How to Fix the Health Care System The healthcare industry is in traction and the prognosis is not good. Can we help?

A Church That Works What in the world is the church supposed to be doing? Here are some surprising answers.

How the World SHOULD Work An economics system that works.

How to Succeed with Math Mary Pride's power-packed tips.

The Future of College

Soul Power A Bible reading plan that works.

Give Yourself a "CLEP Scholarship" Want to save thousands of dollars and months or years of time?

The Money Club How to start family clubs.

Hanging Out with God What books on prayer forget to tell you.

The Regents College Solution Exams you can take for college credit. Credit-banking. Credit review. Even a 2- or 4-year fully accredited college degree at home. See what "America's First Virtual University" has to offer.

Physical Excellence, Part 1: Getting Started First of a series on how to get your family in the best physical shape of their lives.

Taking Homeschooling Out of Your Home Why homeschool is so much more than "school at home".

Physical Excellence, Part 2: The Right Equipment The result of thousands of dollars and months of research: How to find and choose the best exercise equipment.

Good, Better, or Excellent? It's time to be better than the best.

Strong Against Temptation Want to build your children's character? Here are some practical (and not often heard) suggestions.

Top Tips for Teaching Toddlers Toddler teaching time!

Older Women Wanted Now that your children are grown, is it time to drop out of the homeschool movement?

Laptop Homeschool Laptop computers are becoming more and more affordable... What if you could fold up your entire homeschool, including the records, and carry it around in a bag?

University Model Schools Could this "school for homeschoolers" be the school of the future?

The Maloney Method How did this feisty Canadian Literacy Educator of the Year come up with a five-point method that teaches basic skills to even the toughest students? And how does his method work?

Homeschooling in the Outdoors From Franklin Pride's two-week mountain adventure, to a father-and-son trek, to the outdoors experience that inspired a successful college admissions essay, here's what some homeschoolers have learned in the great outdoors.

Summer Learning Fun! Schedules and contact information for almost a dozen homeschool-friendly ways to spend your summer vacation.

Homeschool Supplier of the Year The biggest winner in our 2002 Reader Awards was Dr. Jay Wile’s Apologia Educational Ministries—first place in all three relevant categories!

Montessori High Montessori education is not just for preschool anymore.

What's Our Next Step? The Future of Homeschooling New challenges await the homeschool movement. Let's get ready to face them!

Don't Show Me the Money Homeschooling is not about money.

Wonder Mom Does the Math Homeschooling can be fun, especially in a big happy family.

Sibling Revelry How to encourage teamwork among your kids.

What is Homeschooling? Time to draw the line between public school offshoots and real homeschooling.

The Joy of Chores Chores - survival training for the real world.

Big Screen Homeschool How to get the most out of educational DVDs and videos.

How to Be Your Kids' Personal Guidance Counselor With the help of college expert Andrew Morkes, Mary Pride explores the intricate world of preparing a child for college.

Best Years of Our Lives Right now it's the best years of our lives!

The Sound of Homeschool The third generation of von Trapps are still singing. Learn about their life as performers and... homeschoolers.

Start a Community Newsletter An English couple explains what they can do to help you perform a community service and earn a good income at home.

Aiming for Honors Learn what we found out attending an honors college convention.

Vacation All Year Long Summertime, the time for new ideas.

Back to Homeschool Homeschooled kids really are privileged, and here’s why.

Annual Contests for Homeschoolers Entering your homeschooler into one of these contests might be the key to unlocking their inner talents.

Filmmaking for Kids, Part 1 Ready, aim, film! It's a whole new skill set for a whole new generation. Plus, we visit a film-making camp for kids.

Filmmaking for Kids, Part 2 What you need to know, and where you can learn it (besides school and camp)

Homeschoolers Win & Win & Win & Win Meet the homeschoolers who won four major academic competitions in 2007!

The Rules of High School are Changing Learn what you need to know about new graduation requirements and more.

Raising an Officer What are military academies looking for?

Easier by the Dozen Why two children can be more of a handful than one.

What Should We Teach Our Kids About Leadership? Jeff Myers has made a career of teaching kids about leadership. Here's what he has to say.

How to Turn Fat Kids Into Healthy Kids American kids are ballooning. What can we, as parents, do about this?

Satellite, Helicopter, or Backup Satellite parents, helicopter parents, and you.

Beware the Tubeoisee Keeping tabs on our kids social media

The STEM Sell How alarmed should we be about how American high-school students use their 3 Million Minutes

Soul Survivor: The Bethany Hamilton Story A shocking loss led to life-changing opportunities for this homeschooled surfer girl.

Career Chase What careers will still be there for our children in a decade or two? Will they be able to earn enough to support a family? PHS takes a peek into the future.

The Best Retirement Plan Ever You may think monetarily when looking towards your retirement plan, but there's an asset much more priceless you can invest in.

It Is OK to Relax Relaxation is a necessary part of life, and should be enjoyed.

I Remember Chris Klicka Chris Klicka accomplished many great things for the homeschooling movement.

Beware of This Dual-Credit TRAP Dual credit hours in high school might make financial aid challenging in college.

There’s Always More to Learn Sometimes homeschooling kids requires we learn as we go.

College or Not? 31 Things You Need to Know Is college really necessary for your child’s education?

Now, More Than Ever Homeschooling is increasingly becoming the best option for our kids.

The Summer Road to Success Summer vacation may not be the best option for your homeschool.

No More Best Friends? The Times raised the question; Here's our answer.

Waiting for “Supermom” The documentary Waiting for Superman helps us appreciate the advantages of homeschooling.

On “Adultescence” and the Modesty Survey A detailed report and analysis of Brett and Alex Harris’s Modesty Survey.

College Ready . . . or Not The ACT’s analysis of the college readiness of American high-school students

Is College Still Worth It? Is college still a financially viable option?

Carole Adams

Columnists Face Off - Principle Approach Carole Adams tells us why she thinks the Principle Approach is best.

High School with Principles Find out what the Principle Approach is and how it can help your child think like a capable and confident Christian.

Ray Andree

College Savings Plans College will be expensive. Learn how to get ready for it.

Karen Andreola

Homeschool without Homework Karen Andreola introduces the Charlotte Mason method.

Start a Nature Notebook Karen Andreola shows us how to start a Nature notebook - Charlotte Mason Style.

A Dickens of an Idea! Karen Andreola introduces us to this grand old author.

Narration Beats Tests and Reviews Karen Andreola explains how it works.

Picture Study Art appreciation the Charlotte Mason way.

Columnists Face Off - Charlotte Mason Method Karen Andreola tells why she thinks Charlotte Mason's methods are best.

"Does Poetry only belong to bygone days?" The Charlotte Mason approach to poetry.

Learn Writing Without Writing Charlotte Mason promotes a simple, natural approach to teaching children to write.

How to Encourage Enthusiasm for Learning Karen Andreola encourages parents to consider enthusiasm in the scheme of education.

What Drew Me to a Charlotte Mason Education Karen Andreola explains what drew her to this popular homeschool method.

Great Kids Need Great Thoughts Karen Andreola explains how a worldview can be based on the character trait of "magnanimity."

Illustrating Science Lessons is Another Form of Narration Karen Andreola's kids are "drawn" to science!

The Atmosphere of Home Creating the right atmosphere for your children's education.

Learning from the Inside Out How to keep your child's interest.

Support Groups, Then and Now Support Groups Charlotte Mason style.

Education is a Lifestyle of Establishing Relations It's what you love.

Beautiful Dreamer Covering the basics the Charlotte Mason way.

12 Quick Tips 12 quick tips that really help.

Holiday Cheer and Teachable Tasks Including Karen's favorite Christmas books and songs!

Real Life First! Real life first, virtual world second.

Homeschool on a Shoestring or Otherwise Kindergarten on a missionary budget.

Mother Culture A mother is only a woman, but she needs the love of Jacob, the patience of Job, the wisdom of Moses, the foresight of Joseph, and the firmness of Daniel.

Mother Culture & You Mother Culture - What is it?

The Majesty of Motherhood Here comes the Queen - it's you!

The Children's Magna Carta How to cultivate the love of knowledge.

How the Charlotte Mason Method Came to America The Charlotte Mason method has been around a long time. Here's how it got here.

Frank Armbruster

Neat Ideas that Help a Child Learn to Read What parents can do to encourage their children to read.

Another Way to A-B-C Teaching the military alphabet for better communication.

Print Awareness: A First Step Towards Reading

Important Concepts in Early Reading

Phonemic Awareness: A Major Factor in Reading Phonemic awareness: the second step toward reading.

Reading Corner: Learning to Speak What speaking skills can we expect from our children and at what age?

Learning the Code Phonics is all about learning the "code".

Do It Yourself Toys to Help Emerging Readers Toys you can make to help your preschooler learn to read.

A Reason for Reading How to produce a voracious reader.

David Ayers

Global Village Conference in 1994 Five hundred educators meet to hear top educational futurists, administrators, technologists, and policymarkers spell out their vision for the future of schooling.

Public Education is Doomed - Part I What do the numbers say?

1994 NECC Conference Report Ayers gives an inside look at one of the biggest events of 1994 geared specifically towards the at-the-time young world of educational computing.

Public Education is Doomed - Part II Business-Homeschool Partnerships.

Can We Have Business Without Bureaucracy? Find neat tips for upholding a business, especially in the homeschooling world.

Homeschool Business Partnerships Contacts you can make for homeschooling partnerships.

School Vouchers vs. Business Partnerships: The Noah Webster Charter Schools Controversy Should a network educating homeschoolers receive school vouchers from the government?

Macworld Boston Ayers sees new advances in the technological community in 1994, but with that new ideas emerged which could raise some eyebrows.

Larry Bailey

The Benefits of Debate Your children already know how to argue. Teach them to argue constructively

Lawrence Bangs

A Mind of Their Own A call to teach kids to lift their eyes away from virtual reality to the wonderful realities of the universe

Johanna Banham

10 Kids/10 Minutes Johanna Banham tells us how to get the housework for a family of twelve done every day by harnessing the energy of ten kids for only ten minutes at a time.

Lisa and Rhonda Barfield

How to Start a Music Co-op Lessons for all your kids in strings, orchestra, keyboard, guitar, and choir, for $20 per kid per semester. And it only takes one day a week. How does the Northwest County Homeschool Music Co-Op do it?

Road Trip: Behind the Scenes at a Homeschool Convention Rhonda takes us there.

Teach Your Children to Work Teaching your kids to do chores helps Mom and builds good character. Suggestions for how to get it organized.

Teaching Our Kids to Teach Lisa and Rhonda Barfield tell about a dramatic experience with kids teaching kids.

Learning Often Happens in Unexpected Ways

Character Building: A Homeschool Mom’s Journey How Rhonda Barfield made character training part of her homeschooling curriculum.

Lead Me to the Homeschool Village Rhonda Barfield tell how the homeschool community and other important people in our lives can be our “village.”

Yes, Kids Can! Kids can do more to help around the house than most people think.

The Quest for the Perfect Homeschool A Quixotic quest at best

Boredom Busting: An Essential for Homeschoolers Make the choice: Entertain your kids or provide ways for your kids to learn to entertain themselves.

Keeping It Together: Getting a Handle on Outside Activities Managing outside activities so that they enhance, but don’t interfere with homeschool

Prayer: A Vital Ingredient of Homeschool Admit you can’t figure out everything, and ask for God’s help.

Peggy Barker

Simple Ways to Stimulate a Special Child Peggy Barker introduces the joys of "bath play."

Dr. Kuni Beasley

2-2-2 A Fast-Track Strategy for High School and College Dr. Beasley reveals his strategy for a fast track through high school and college.

Harvard for Homeschoolers A Harvard education is within the reach of your homeschooler. Here’s how.

How to Avoid College Debt With good planning you can get a college education and avoid college loans.

Top 12 Things Homeschool Parents Need to Know About the SAT and ACT Useful advice for taking those fearsome college entrance exams

12 Things Homeschool Parents Need to Know About College Advice for choosing a college, getting into the college you choose, and paying for it

Five Ways to Get Money for College Five sources for the money to pay for your student’s college education

New!  Colleges Your Children Can Attend . . . for Free College doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact some colleges cost nothing at all!

New!  “Packaging” Your High Schooler for College Admissions How to present your student to colleges in the best possible way

New!  Are You on a College-Prep Track? Designing a high-school program to match your college plans

New!  Is College for Everyone? Help in deciding if college is right for your student

New!  College Funding Scams Beware college planners using schemes that profit them more than they benefit you

New!  Here We Go Again . . . The “Redesigned” SAT! The changes that were made to the SAT in 2014

New!  What Homeschoolers Need to Know About Academic Talent Searches Find out what talent searches are, what ones are available, and how they can benefit homeschoolers.

Just Added!  Gap Year Success Why taking a gap year between high school and college could be a good thing

Jonathan Bechtle

Law School at a Distance You can attend law school at home. Jonathan Bechtle tells us how.

Russ Beck

Getting Ready for the Future - Today What are the #1 skills you need to succeed, and how is the world of work changing? Get the skinny!

Awareness and Assessment How to integrate career awareness into your curriculum.

Searching for the Right Career What do YOU want to be when you grow up?

Top Jobs for the College Graduate In 10 years the job market will be completely different than it is.

Not All Good Jobs Require a Bachelor's Degree Good careers you can enter without college.

There Are Many Paths to Success Alternatives to four-year colleges.

Alisyn Bennett

The Joy of Letterboxing Alisyn writes about the joys of letterboxing.

Vicki Bentley

Navigating the Used Curriculum Route Where to find used curriculum and what to look for.

Betty Berring and Vivian Young

Meeting College Admission Requirements Betty Berring and Vivian Young give us the information we need to get started!

Mary Biever

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Fairgrounds What one mom learned from 4-H.

Ten Minutes to Change a Life Lessons learned from living through two disasters.

Singing a New Song Practice makes perfect, but it doesn't help you love the music.

Summer Sensations Homeschooling and the summer; Doing nothing creatively.

Simple (and Unexpected) Pleasures The unexpected day-to-day pleasures of homeschooling.

Christmas Lights How a disaster ended in thanksgiving.

Going Crazy With Outside Activities When socialization destroys relaxation.

I... Robots?

George Bigham

How to Kill Ugly Email Viruses D-E-A-D What's that in my email? Oh, no! I really shouldn't have opened that attachment or passed on that chain letter...

Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn

Contests in Your Curriculum How contests can enhance your homeschool.

Why Give a Classical Education at Home? With all these great new classical schools starting up, why would anyone want to homeschool?

How to Use the Internet to do Research Using newsgroups for Internet research. It's hot!

Building a Firm Foundation for Classical Education Ten things to do with your child before age ten.

The Grammar Level Ten things to do with your child from ages ten through twelve.

The Logic Level Ten Things to do from ages 13-15.

Sam Blumenfeld

The Whole-Language Boondoggle Sam Blumenfeld explains why "look-say" reading never works.

Dyslexia: The Man-Made Disease Sam Blumenfeld squares off against The Cat in the Hat.

High School for Freedom! Whereas high school students from public schools are impinged from thinking about a successful career path due to wasted time in multiculuralism and Outcome-Based Education, homeschoolers have the time to plan their careers while in high school.

Teach Reading to the “Learning Disabled” Sam outlines some strategies that will help in teaching reading to the learning disabled.

Uncle Sam Wants Your Child on his National Database From the number of your child's cavities to his private religious and political beliefs, the new national educational database is just a teensy bit too intrusive, don't you think? And it's online now. It's a good thing you homeschool.

Why the Internet will Never Replace Books

Homeschooling and Charter Schools Charter Schools: Would they put the "home" back in school or the "school" back in home?

Homeschoolers and Vouchers Should homeschoolers get involved with proposed voucher systems?

The History of Public Education The untold history of public schools.

College At Home Save time, money & more!

Learning from The "Old Dead Guys" Learning from those who lived before us.

The Meaning of Educational Freedom The case for abolishing compulsory attendance.

The Importance of Rote Learning Rote learning is still important.

The Exodus Continues As the schools get worse, more parents are considering homeschool.

A World Without Public School What would really happen if we repealed the compulsory attendance laws?

The Benefits of Teaching History at Home What you can learn that the schools will never teach you.

How to Tell Real from Phony Phonics? How to tell whether a program will really teach your child to read, or just pretend to.

Getting Started in Arithmetic Mr. Blumenfeld kicks off a new column on how to tutor, by tracing the history of arithmetic.

Teaching Arithmetic Find out what counts about how to teach arithmetic.

Teaching the Alphabet The first step in reading is to learn the names of the letters. Learn how to teach this foundational skill.

Teaching the Alphabet Sounds So many sounds, so few letters. Sam's the man with a plan for making sense of it all.

Teaching Blends Teaching your little one to read the traditional intensive phonics way - meet the blends and digraphs.

Teaching Long Vowels Teaching your little one to read the traditional intensive phonics way - learning the long vowels.

The History of Geometry Education Sam takes us on a tour of the history of geometry education. Here's looking at Euclid!

Never Bored Again Slackers or just bored?

Learning Greek It's Greek to him.

How and Why to Teach Shakespeare Why study Shakespeare?

How to Get the Most Out of Homeschool Conventions Sam tells vendors and attendees how to get the most out of homeschool conventions.

Forgotten American History: The Barbary Wars

Forgotten American History: God's Providence in the American Revolution

Forgotten American History: The Spanish-American War

Forgotten American History: The Great Awakening

Forgotten American History: Puritan Education

Colonial Education: The Free Market in Action Education in the 13 colonies

America Started with Educational Freedom

How Harvard Became Liberal

The Glory of the Alphabet The alphabet - foundation of modern western culture.

19th Century Communists & the Origin of American Public Education Learn what 19th Century American communists had to do with the founding of the public schools.

The Benefits of Cursive Writing The case for skipping manuscript handwriting and teaching cursive from the start.

It Pays to Know Your Legislator Why you should get to know your state legislator.

Intelligent by Design Is the universe the result of random processes or was it designed? A look at intelligent design.

Teaching Kids to Enjoy Classical Music Developing an appreciation for classical music in our students.

Before Compulsory Education: The Private Academies Before public education, how did kids get taught?

What Schools Teach: Then and Now

The Real Meaning of Easter It's more than a parade, a season, or a bonnet.

The Truth About Independence Day Why Independence Day is worth celebrating.

The Benefits of Reading Biographies Biographies can help your children face life's challenges.

Why We Celebrate Veterans Day The meaning of Veterans Day and why we celebrate it.

The Purposes of Education The four-fold purpose of education.

Why Homeschoolers Should be Book Collectors You're already collecting books. Why not do it for cash?

How History Was Taught Back Then How history used to be taught in U.S. schools.

The American Almanac: A Great Learning Tool What is an almanac and how can we use it in homeschool?

The Fun of Going to an Antiques Auction Find out how to own a piece of history.

Politics and Homeschoolers: A Primer Understanding the political process.

A Novel Suggestion How reading novels benefits our homeschool curriculum.

Who Wrote Shakespeare? Who wrote the plays attributed to Shakespeare?

Why Homeschoolers Should Learn Public Speaking Why public speaking is a skill homeschoolers need to have.

The Presidency The importance of the American presidency.

Party Politics in the United States Although George Washington tried to discourage the creation of “party spirit” (meaning political factions), it was inevitable that politicians would line up against one another along ideological lines.

The Road to an American Independent NationThe process that led the 13 colonies to become the United States

George Washington: Our First President's First TermThe highlights of the first term of our nations first president

George Washington: Our First President's Second Term Sam Blumenfeld provides a quick summary of George Washington's second and final term as president of the United States of America.

Celebrating Flag Day Flag Day seems to be a point in history long forgotten, but Sam Blumenfeld has brought it back to life.

Graduated! Now What? Graduation is not as scary as we make it out to be.

Banking on Panic History has some interesting things to say about banks and the sustainability of the United States government.

Going to School Back in the Great Depression The schools during the Great Depression were quite different from what we have today.

Middle School During the Great Depression Middle school was certainly quite different during the Great Depression compared to what it is today.

High School During the Depression Learn what high school was like during the Great Depression.

Inventions and Progress The benefits and pitfalls of innovation.

On Falling in Love Sam explores the connection between being homeschooled and future success in love.

A Taste of the Old Days Sam gives us a little taste of what elementary school was like 70 years ago.

The True Root of American Freedom Sam Blumenfeld shows how all our freedoms in America derive from God the Creator.

Classical Gems on YouTube A great place to find classical music selections

Curing Dyslexia Can dyslexia be cured? Sam Blumenfeld says it can!

How to Increase Your Vocabulary Some practical tips on how to improve your word power

The Joy of Journaling Suggestions on how to use a journal to help remember your homeschool years

Christmas and Hanukkah 70 Years Ago Sam Blumenfeld remembers how Christmas and Hanukkah were celebrated back in the 1940s

Lydia Guy Burchett

One Room Schoolhouse How did one woman teach up to 72 children at once?

Charles and Betty Burger

Book Reviews - Books About College The Burgers find out college ain't what it used to be.

Linda Burklin

Our "Masterpiece Literary Society" Linda Burklin tells what she did to make literature come alive for her students.

Hybrid Homeschool Classes Beyond the traditional co-op: how to teach a class that is a combination of classroom and distance learning.

How to Run a Super Story Contest for Your Group

Wes Callihan

The Importance of Fathers

A Map for the Mind The wonderful journey of maps.

Holly Capeda

Smart Spending Strategies Why waste your money when you can save it for the good stuff?

Heather Chapman

How to Put a Little More Exercise into Your Day Hints for a more active school day.

Harry Cheney

How to Read a Film What to look for when analyzing a film.

Clay and Sally Clarkson

Putting the Home in Homeschooling A new column introducing the "5 D's".

Trimming the Tree If this is Christmas, then where is Jesus? Some hints on how to trade tinsel for timeless treasures.

Love Books... Use Computers Computers vs. books.

Math as a Metaphor for Life Math is Life! Or at least there are a lot of similarities.

Sow What? How to sow the seeds of whole-mindedness and maturity in your children.

Sow What? 2 How to sow a whole heart in your children.

For You Who Have Need of Endurance When things stop working, who can you call?

Lost and Found: The Books of Those Who Have Gone Before Us How to find old and almost-forgotten classics on the Internet and get them in your hands!

Eyes on the Future

Spiritual Meets Physical

Summer Better Than Other Don't kick yourself if you take a break while the pool is open.

The Meaning of Spiritual Freedom The real meaning.

A Question of Excellence How do you define "excellence?" Well, why are you really homeschooling?

A Neighborly Christmas A cheerful little article to leave you in a Christmasy mood.

A Life-Giving Mother Moment When your homeschool is over, what will you be the most proud of?

Loosening Up Your family life may be run by schedules, and that's great, but summer is the time to loosen up.

Back to Christian Homeschool The secular culture is trying to remake homeschooling in its own image. Time to get back to Christian homeschooling!

Keeping Peace at Home How can we have "the peace that passes understanding" in our homeschools.

There's More to Family "You're wasting your life spending so much time with your family." Oh, really?

Worldly Wisdom vs. Wordly Wisdom Teach your children knowledge, but don't neglect to teach them wisdom as well.

Putting on the Brakes You don’t have to do everything at once, and you shouldn’t try to.

Marion Kester Coombs

How to Not Raise a Slacker Kid One of my favorite writers, Marion Kester Coombs, explains why kids today often want to be slackers instead of scholars, and what we can do about it.

Deborah Copelin

Beyond Co-Op with Drop-off Classes What school is like at Home School Central in Ann Arbor, MI.

Lois Corcoran

How to Start a Homeschooling Comedy Club Comedy Club is a great way to bring kids together. Here’s how to do it.

Homeschool Talent Night: Here’s How to Have Your Own A chance for homeschoolers to learn to perform in a friendly venue

Cheryl Costello

Home is Where the Music Is Want music in your homeschool? Here's why family music is great!

Martin Cothran

What Is Classical Education? Martin Cothran explains the essentials of this old (but newly popular) homeschool method.

Jim Couch & Peter Williams

Want to See the Public Schools Improve? Encourage Homeschooling! How homeschooling improves the quality of the public schools.

Lorraine Curry

Combining Work and Homeschool How to combine work & homeschool.

Michelle Dalrymple

What a Difference Homeschool Makes! College instructor Michelle Dalrymple tells us what she learned about the difference between traditionally schooled and homeschooled students.

Your First College Class Michelle Dalrymple shares hints on how to make a good impression from the first day of class.

Grandpa Was a Gem How one grandpa made homeschool great.

Chris Davis

A Homeschool Tour of Israel An amazing trip breeds passion for history.

Ellyn Davis

From Homeschool to Home Business Ellyn Davis shares what she's learned about starting your own business and where to find help.

Kandie Demarest

How to Take Great Family Pictures Kandie's tips for taking professional quality photos!

Tom DeWeese

What You Need to Know About the New “Globally Correct Education”: What It Is, What It Teaches, & Why It’s Targeting Our Kids "Dumbing down" goes global

The “Sustainability” Agenda What is sustainable development and what is good or bad about it?

Joan Donaldson

Tasha Tudor's World A passionate case for building your own beautiful world.

Richard Driggers

Shouldn't Your Children's Curriculum Include Chess? Richard Driggers shows how to accelerate learning skills by playing this classic game.

Cathy Duffy

Write Now Cathy Duffy gives quick tips that can add power to your kid's writing.

How to Teach Worldview Cathy Duffy explains how to add worldview education to your already busy homeschool curriculum.

The Standards Straitjacket: How 46 States are Moving to Stifle Your Educational Freedom Learn what public schools are doing and where they are going.

Jonathan English

From Homeschool to Home Run For Jonathan English, baseball was a language even his non-homeschooled friends could understand.

Carolyn Flanagan

How Homeschooling Changed My Life How to deal with the changes that come when you start homeschooling.

Samuel Francis

A Foundation... Or Empire? This nationally syndicated columnist talks about building up the New Republic.

Amanda Freitag

How to Teach Good Writing Without an English Degree Amanda breaks down what you need to know in order to teach college-ready writing skills.

Marshall Fritz

It's Time to Separate School & State! Alliance for the Separation of School & State founder Marshall Fritz makes a passionate case for getting government out of the education business altogether.

Lisa Gard

Vision or ADD? Lisa Gard unveils the possibility that some supposed cases of ADD can be cured by an optometrist.

Brittany Glenny

How to Pick a Piano Teacher Learn to tell a good piano teacher from a bad one and even how to start your own piano teaching business.

Tricia Goyer

Volunteering: How to Start Tricia Goyer explains how to get your kids started in community service...

Pat Graves

Library Attack! Going to the library with lots of young kids can be... well... kind of like this.

Elise Griffith

Homeschooling a Gifted Child Elise Griffith tells about how she and her husband managed the education of their gifted child.

Steve Hake

Spreading a Biblical Model Worldwide Steve Hake presents his ideas on Christian evangelism the "homeschool way".

Ken Ham

Evolution is Obsolete The dirty little secret textbooks forget to mention: Evolution is a theory without a mechanism.

Ripping Out Racism By Its Roots Why Darwin was wrong about race.

Is "Science Fiction" In Your Curriculum? Does your textbook teach science... or science fiction?

Kristin Lee Hamerski

My Life as a Pageant Princess Homeschooled pageant princess tells all!

Horticulture Contests, Science Fairs, & Beautification Projects Garden your way to success.

Pageants for Your Pets How to win dog and other pet shows.

Art is Calling for Me Advice on how to win art and photography contests from Miss Teen Alaska.

Inspire Greatness: Be a Special Olympics Volunteer Kristin tells of her experiences volunteering with the Special Olympics.

How a Teen Can Learn Civic Leadership Kristin tells of the rewards for homeschoolers who get involved in government.

Communicate and Change the World! Communication skills: boring? No, world-changing!

Developing Your Talent Here's how to find and develop your special talents, and help others with theirs.

Mentoring: Helping Others Win Sharing your time and experience to help others win.

Winning Big with Families Involving your family in your competitions.

Pageants Galore: How to Choose the Right One! How tos of entering and winning beauty pageants.

How to Get Sponsored Strategies for getting sponsors for pageants and other competitions.

Healthy Bodies + Healthy Minds = Winning Lives How becoming and staying healthy, both physically and mentally has helped her win.

Seeking and Finding a Winning Career Preparing yourself for a winning career.

Dressing Up The fun and educational value of dressing up.

Build a Winning Resume with Volunteer Community Service How to build your resume doing volunteer work.

Help Your Siblings Succeed How to help your siblings succeed.

How to Enter a Pageant... and Win! Learn about how to find a pageant, compete, and carry your crown with grace from a three-time pageant winner.

Model Behavior Ever wonder what it would be like to model professionally? Thousands of kids do it, and Kristin shows you how.

Gregg Harris

Is Homeschooling for Everyone? Thought-provoking answers to the frequently-asked question, "Is homeschooling for everyone?"

Is Your Homeschool too “bookish”? Life’s most important lessons are not found in textbooks.

Putting God's Kingdom First Practical application for following God instead of following self.

The Final Word The importance of putting family first.

An Age-Integrated Church What would Jesus do? An age-integrated church? Here's how.

The Franklin Effect Enriching our children with guests and friends.

Joshua Harris

Perfect-Family Phobia Your family does not need to be perfect to be fantastic.

Mrs. Hemingway’s Bank What does it mean to be grown up? Ernest Hemingway’s mother gives some insight.

Where’s the Church, Marty? Life without God’s family is a bleak story.

Take Me Out to the Curriculum Fair Joshua Harris tells what he learned standing in line at all those homeschool curriculum fairs.

Thanks, Mom & Dad! Joshua Harris shares how he feels about graduating homeschool and leaving home.

The Men Who Have Shaped Me Joshua Harris tells us about the men who helped shape his life.

Will the Homeschooled Homeschool?Will homeschooled kids grow up to be homeschooling parents?

Going to the Movies? Joshua Harris tackles this controversial subject.

"Big" Dreams Aren't Enough Why being "Mr. Big" may not be the best goal for your life.

Are We Asking the Right Questions? What would Jesus do? Or are there some other questions we should also be asking?

Laura Harris

Four Simple Steps to Classical Success More and more homeschoolers are adopting the classical method for their homeschool. Laura Harris tells us four tasks she uses to replace boring work pages while getting better results.

Lori Harris

An Introduction to Principle Approach Science Lori Harris starts with the dictionary and ends with cats.

Cannibals Want Missionaries! The missions-minded family.

The Head of the House Lori discusses the principle of sovereignty.

Where Does the Time Go? Setting goals and accomplishing them.

Art & Music on the Chain of Christianity Gaining a love of God through art.

Stand Up In Your Community Teaching character through community service.

Purity and Innocence The Principle of Covenant.

The Outside World of an Inside Family The homeschooling benefits of 4-H.

Character and the 4 R's A primer for the Principle Approach.

Brave Pilgrims Plymouth v. Jamestown, or why we celebrate Thanksgiving and not John Smith Day.

Research Tips Using the Principle Approach Research can be done the old-fashioned way... with books. Here's how to make it one of the "4 R's".

Homeschooling on a Budget Homeschooling on $100 a year.

The Principle of Sowing and Reaping You reap what you sow.

Controlling Apples How to keep the world's busiest homeschool moving.

Bob Hazen

Elementary Math Part 1 Bob Hazen explains how to have fun and success teaching math.

Elementary Math Part 2 How skip-count songs can make all of elementary math much easier.

Elementary Math Part 3 Rectangle magic and more!

Why Manipulatives are Not Enough Bob Hazen shows us seven ways to translate math into real life.

Lies, Part I: The Importance of Consistent Verbalizations Why three and five does not make eight.

Lies, Part II

Lies, Part III Don't get fractured over fractions.

Thinking Fractions, Part 2 More ways to teach those pesky fractions.

Math Games in the Curriculum Math games can make learning fun.

Math Games, Part 2 Would you rather play games or do flashcard drills?

From Donald Duck to Flatland The fun side of math books.

The Equal Sign: Symbol, Name, Meaning What does "=" mean?

Primes, Part I Using higher math to teach arithmetic.

Primes, Part II What you never knew about the Sieve of Eratosthenes. Division practice with a difference!

Barbara Henderson

Grandma Taught 72 Children... At Once! How did she do it?--From her daughter's viewpoint.

Joyce Herzog

Hyperactive, Hyperkinetic, ADD, ADHD How to help your student filter out distractions and concentrate on homeschool

Laura Hinely

What I Learned at TeenPact There's no time for slacking when this group is teaching you how to be a leader!

Fritz Hinrichs

Great Books Show Why Ideas Matter A truly successful education will give a childd the understanding that ideas do matter.

List of Great Idea Books Amazing classics highly recommended for any student wishing to research influential ideas.

Introduction to Classical Education Fritz Hinrichs outlines "What is Classical Education?" and tells us what makes Great Books great.

Classical Colleges Fritz Hinrichs gives us a list of colleges for the classically-minded student.

Keeping Science in Perspective Fritz Hinrichs thinks learning the history of science is important, because it teaches us that scientists make mistakes, too.

Escape the World of 1997! Great books can transport us to other cultures.

The Art of Oration Fritz talks about the Art of Oration & the development of wise government.

The Future of Classical Education How technology is bringing classical education back to the home.

Classical Theology Theology the Classical way.

Preparing Your Child for a "Great Books" Education Getting ready for a "Great Books" education is not a job for the spineless!

So You Want To Be An Online Educator? Fritz Hinrichs explains how to become an online educator.

Regina Hogsten

File This! Nitty-gritty tips for taming your clutter.

Sarita Holzmann

The Future of Homeschooling in America If we are not careful, homeschooling in America may follow the same path as the women’s missionary movement.

Mercy Howell

Don't Give Up on Your Late Bloomers Hang in there with your "late bloomer." A slow start can still lead to a strong finish.

Jessica Hulcy

How to Avoid Mindless Unit Studies Jesica Hulcy explains the difference between creativity and catastrophe.

Make Drama Part of Your Unit Studies Jesica Hulcy says dramatization helps education three ways.

Do Your Units End with a Bang or a Whimper Jessica Hulcy explains the difference between wrapping up and embalming a unit study.

Costumes Add Color to Your Unit Studies Jessica Hulcy shows us how to make inexpensive costumes to adorn young actors.

Safety First A near drowning provides a new twist on unit studies.

Columnists Face Off - Unit Studies Jessica Hulcy tells us why she thinks the unit study approach is best.

Politics the Homeschool Way Jessica Hulcy explains how she does it.

What Are Unit Studies All About? Jessica Hulcy explains the benefits of "the family that learns together."

Multi-Culturalism Replaces History History is being rewritten under the guise of establishing a national standard.

High School Unit Studies Prepare Students for Adulthood Interaction It’s time to talk to your children and help them develop adult discernment and communication skills.

Picking Curriculum Carefully If homeschooling were packaged, it would read, “Danger! Do not start until ready.”

How to Give Your Child a Theistic Worldview Jessica Hulcy outlines worldview alternatives and explains what's special about "theism."

To College or Not to College Jessica Hulcy helps us make the decision.

Brotherhood Begins in the Heart Brotherhood and the Bible.

Education vs. Regurgitation What is "discovery learning"?

The Importance of Mentoring

One Word of Advice: Balance! Balance is the key.

Teaching the Basics with Unit Studies Just do it. And say it.

Study Units or Unit Studies? Unit studies with a sense of wonder.

Thanks for the Memories How to make Thanksgiving memorable for your little Pilgrims.

99¢ Feather Duster or $90 Warbonnet? How much does a unit study have to cost?

Co-oping: The Very Best of Both Worlds

The Key to Exceptional Co-Op Days How to make your co-op days exceptional homeschool days.

Meeting True Heroes Face to Face How to meet real-world heroes on your homeschool field trips.

From Living Room to Front Lawn: Performances How to build poise through public performances.

Co-oping Younger and Older Students Together How to run a co-op with older and younger children together.

Co-op Field Trips: True Three-Dimensional Learning Fantastic field trips add a new dimension.

The Ultimate Field Trip... Europe

The Making of a Master Teacher Watching the next generation learn to teach.

Laughter and Movement: Fertilizer for the Brain Fear makes kids freeze. Here are some learning strategies to help them unfreeze.

D. Russell Humphries

Evidence for a Young Earth Out of time! Why there's not enough time in the world for life to have created itself.

Marsha Iddings

Homeschooling a Medically Handicapped Child How homeschooling benefitted this severely physically handicapped boy

Nicole Johnson

Building Cathedrals A reminder that some of our best work is done behind the scenes.

Elizabeth Kays

Fan Fiction A homeschooled teen introduces us to the facinating world of writing about your favorite characters... and instantly "publishing" your work.

Diane Flynn Keith

Homeschoolers and Money Diane Flynn Keith rips into the Tightwad Gospel.

Stephen Kemp

College at Home: Is It for You? Four ways to get that degree... at home.

Rebecca Kenney

A Tribute to My Mom Looking back fondly on homeschool days with Mom.

Andrew Kern

Where We Came From, Where We're Going They said classical education was dead. But the corpus is no longer a corpse.

Classical Colleges for Homeschoolers Andrew Kern takes you on a whirlwind tour of six classical colleges.

Chris Klicka

From the Trenches The military is looking for a few good homeschoolers.

Can Homeschoolers Be Admitted to and Excel in College? You've been taught at home ... Can you get into college, and how will you do there?

Can Homeschoolers Participate In Public School Programs? How do we get involved in public-school sports, band, etc... and should we?

NCAA Scholarships Sports scholarships for homeschoolers? Read on!

A Parent's Choice Most kids don't get ill or die from most vaccines. So should we have to immunize our kids for the sake of national health?

The Social Worker At Your Door Yikes! There's a social worker knocking on your door! What do you do?

Homeschooling Around the World Chris Klicka, senior counsel for Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), has been touring the world from Brazil to Japan. Read his state-of-the-homeschool address covering nine countries, and find out what you can do to help your fellow homeschoolers in other lands.

Homeschooling Special Needs Children Why you can do it better than a school official, why it's best for your child, and how to deal with the laws.

Parent-Taught Driver Education Saves Lives You've taught them everything from reading to math... Now it's time for you to teach them to drive.

Standing Against the Legislative Tide Six bad bills and how homeschoolers killed them dead. Plus some good legislative news, too!

Charter Schools: The Battle for the Soul of Homeschooling Charter schools: What are they? Are they beneficial or harmful to homeschooling? Hear the opinions of a homeschooling legal expert.

The Sneak Attack on Parents' Rights: Expanding Compulsory Attendance Toss the toddlers in the paddywagon and haul them off to school. And make high school kids attend more years, too. Crazy? Then read how our opponents tried to expand compulsory attendance age this year... and how home-schoolers (mostly) stopped them.

Homeschooling Even When Mom Is Ill How to keep homeschooling even when Mom is in difficult circumstances.

Top Ten Tips for Homeschool Dads Don't expect vague platitudes: Chris tells it like it is!

Top Ten Character Tips Top ten tips for building character. Bonus effect: they act as slacker prevention!

Top 10 Bible Tips Top ten tips for teaching Bible in your homeschool.

Top Ten Ways to Establish Lasting Relationships with Your Children

How to Give a Persuasive Speech

College Admissions and Financial Aid for Homeschoolers HSLDA attorney explains the current regulations governing "underage" homeschoolers being admitted to college and being awarded financial aid.

"Dad, Tell Me a Story!" How fathers can use storytelling to reach the hearts of their children.

Homeschooling Around the World: 2003 Our 2003 update on the status of homeschooling in other countries.

Our Honeymoon with the Press is Over It seems that the favorable treatment homeschooling has received from the press may be ending.

The Facts Are In: Homeschoolers Excel How do homeschool graduates turn out? The facts are in!

Homeschoolers Help World-Famous Pianist Fight Cancer Homeschoolers across the country join hands for a good cause.

Why are Educational Tax Credits Important? Educational tax credits and their implications for homeschoolers.

Why Manners Matter Chris tells us why good manners are always in style.

Homeschooling Under Fire Around the Country Chris describes the legislative battles homeschoolers face this year.

A Clear and Present Danger How should homeschoolers respond to legislation promoting mental health screenings?

No Fear: Social Workers Restrained! Congress passes new legislation to rein in social workers.

No More Children's Crusades Saving our kids from today's ill-fated children's crusade.

Religious Freedom is Endangered: How We Can Fight Back Religious freedom is an endangered species - what can we do to preserve it?

Homeschooling Works in the Work Place How homeschoolers have overcome barriers to employment.

How Much Can Your Student Work and Not Violate Labor Laws What homeschoolers need to know about child labor laws.

Homeschool Graduates Enlisting in the Military Are Protected Success in getting homeschoolers considered for military service, and the results once they're in.

Antony Kolenc

What Homeschoolers Should Expect from President Trump What do we know about what President Trump’s policy will be toward homeschooling?

The Future of Homeschool Lobbying Where would homeschoooling be without lobbyists? Let’s hope we never find out.

Dr. Jim Kramer

Life Lessons From Pets Heard of "teachable moments"? Veterinarian and author Jim Kramer explains how even the loss of a beloved pet can lead to valuable life lessons.

Michele Lee

Simply Your Own Piano Instruction Business How to become a paid music teacher the Simply Music way.

Steve Leer

How We Started Our Homeschool Athletic Club How to set up and run a homeschool sports program.

Lenora Levia

Will the Real Peers Please Stand Up? Lenora Levia tells about her post-homeschooling experiences with her "peer group."

Ann Lloyd

Weathering The Storm Ann Lloyd tells us her own story and gives us some tips on how to educate an emotionally volatile child.

Diane Lockman

Classical Education Made Much Easier Classical education does not have to be a chore.

The Post-Trivium Years: Wrestling with Meaningful Ideas What classical works should your children study, and how should they be guided in their understanding of such things?

Eloquent Kids in 5 Minutes a Day Your kids can easily become good speakers using these great tips.

Writing the Perfect Paragraph Steps for leading even reluctant writers to write the perfect paragraph—the classical way.

Making Economics Real: How We Use the News Showing the real-world benefits of learning economics

Try My Grammar Camp A fun way to teach grammar that will have your students wanting more

Library Quest: Six Steps to Research Success Diane outlines a step-by-step method for researching at the library.

Recreational & Competitive Debate: How & Why Your Teens Should Try It Time spent learning to debate in high school will be valuable later in life

An Easy Start to Language Arts Easy ways for parents to give their children a head start toward language mastery

Philosophy for Teens Helping your teens find the answers to the big questions of life

Isabel Lyman

4-H and the Homeschooler Isabel Lyman says her kids have had a great time in 4-H. We add a few cautions.

The School that Wid Built Here’s how one family started their own private school.

Christina Magnaghi and Geneva Miller

How to Choose a Co-Op How to locate local co-ops and choose which one is best for you.

Michael Maloney

Frequency and Fluency - New Ways to Measure Student Performance What are frequency and fluency and how can you use them in your homeschool?

How to Teach Reading & Measure Your Child's Reading Skills

Arithmetic Fluency: Some Ideas for Achieving It

Spelling Fluency: Pre-Drills for Teaching Spelling A roadmap to speedy, accurate spelling.

Teaching Reading Comprehension Skills Measuring and improving reading comprehension.

Fluent Grammar Measuring and improving English grammar proficiency.

More Results in Less Time: The One-Minute Drill That Works What are SAFMEDS and what are they good for?

Teaching Fluent Handwriting Skills Help for developing fluent handwriting.

Teaching Fluent Handwriting Skills, Part 2 More help for developing fluent handwriting.

Teaching Fluent Keyboarding Skills How to measure and improve keyboarding fluency.

Building Fluent Vocabulary How to measure and improve proficiency in vocabulary.

Building Fluent Reading Comprehension Skills, Part One How to measure - and improve - reading comprehension.

Reading Comprehension, Part 2: Inference How to improve your student's ability to draw inferences from what he reads.

Reading Comprehension Part 3: Deductive Reasoning How to use the rules of logic to help your student understand what he reads.

Reading Comprehension Part 4: Logical Reasoning How to use the rules of argumentation to evaluate a writer's reasoning.

Geography and History at the Crossroads Geography and history together are better than either by itself.

Practical Geography Facts and Numbers Fun ways to tie geography study to the real world.

Teaching Geography How to become fluent in geography.

Teaching Geography Using the DI Approach Teaching geography: The Direct Instruction approach.

Learning Geographic Concepts and Terms Becoming fluent in the specialized vocabulary of geography.

Teaching Abbreviations Using Flashcards Using flashcards to memorize commonly-used abbreviations.

The Geography of Victory and of Defeat How geography can affect history.

Jason Makansi

Thinking Like A Scientist Jason Makansi tells us how to separate environmental fact from fiction, with "peanut butter" lessons you can teach right in your kitchen!

What You Should Know About Computer Models Jason Makansi tells us how to tell if a computer projection is likely to be accurate or wildly wrong.

Making Your Home a Science Manipulative Jason Makansi shows how to combine math, energy, environment, sociology, and economics into a practical multi-phased science instruction program.

Government Alphabet Soup: No Free Lunch Alphabet soup can be expensive.

Paula Mann

Going to College at Home Paula Mann shows how you can do it.

David Marks

Lessons from Story Contests Lessons your children can learn while writing for story contests.

"I Hate to Write" How do you get your young student started writing when he thinks he hates to write?

Book Reports that Work Tired of lame book reports? Here's how to create a book report that works.

Picking a Writing Program With so many different choices, how can you decide which writing program would be best for your children?

"I Know What I Mean But I Don't Know How to Say It" How to put it all into words.

Getting Kids Ready to Write Stimulate your children's learning.

Spelling a Word a Week A simpler approach to spelling.

Getting Rid of Clichés Avoiding cliches in your writing.

"Beware The Awful Curse of Horrible Overwriting," She Pontificated How to avoid the dread disease of overwriting.

How to Encourage Your Kids to Write How to encourage your homeschooler to express himself in print.

Preparing for College Writing Teach your kids how to write A+ papers.

How to Write a Winning Essay How to write effective essays for the SAT, college acceptance, and beyond.

To Journal... or Not Is journaling really an effective way to teach creative writing?

Say It with Body Language Reading and speaking body language.

Rodney Marshall

A Mission That Motivates Help your teens find their mission in life.

Biblical Principles of Preparing for a Career / Calling Career planning and the Bible.

How to Write a Mission Statement While in Your Teens Help your teens express their mission in writing

Shelly Mathiot

Homeschooling with Hospitality What your children can learn from hosting friends, relatives, missionaries, or even a foreign student in your home... and how to do it.

Renee Mathis

Planning For Success Renee Mathis helps you choose the perfect planning system.

Pam Maxey

Bread & Butter If unit studies are butter, what is the bread?

Make Your Own History Units! Want to create a history unit study of your own? Here's how.

Holiday Unit Studies How to create your own special unit studies that highlight the holidays.

How to Create Your Own Author Unit How to make a unit study about your favorite author.

Create Your Own Science Unit How to create your own science unit study.

Create Your Own Geography Unit How to create your own geography unit study.

Theresa May

The Do-It Yourself Family Telescope Theresa May and family made their own telescope. You can, too!

Kristen West McGuire

Hiring a Tutor English lords and ladies used to do it. Here's how you can, too.

Joyce McPherson

Shakespeare Camp Joyce tells how to start and run your very own Shakespeare camp.

A Mother-Daughter Book Club Why should the kids get to read all the good books? Enjoy them together.

Starting a Homeschool Yearbook The nuts and bolts of starting a homeschool yearbook.

Not Just Another Spelling Bee Kids can just stand there and spell. Or you can use your Bee to motivate, teach spelling, and even improve handwriting. Here's how.

Math Counts What can our children gain by entering this famous math competition?

National History Day An essay writing contest to help get students interested in our nation’s past

What We Learned at FIRST Lego League Do you have children who are drawn to building, inventing or programming? FIRST Lego League is a worldwide competition that introduces students to hands-on robotics and programming.

The Geography Bee Geography is one of the most useful subjects that students will learn.

Why (and How) We Joined the National History Club History can be amazing when you start a history club!

How (and Why) to Start a Writing Club Learn the ins and outs of writing clubs and how your children can benefit from participating in one.

Investing in Eternity with the National Bible Bee The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the Word of our God stands forever (Isaiah 40:8)

Going Classical with the National Latin and Mythology Exams Learn how to teach children Latin through the classical education model.

Katie Michelli

A Mom's Journey to Marine Boot Camp "I want to be a Marine." Would your son saying this spark fear or joy in your heart? One mom went behind the scenes to find out what her son would face.

Melissa Morgan

How to Avoid the 12 Most Common Curriculum Money Traps

Real World Learning for Less Inexpensive real-world learning.

Worldview on a Shoestring Teaching worldview on a limited budget.

Social Studies: Fun, Free, or Cheap Social studies, practically for free.

Mighty Math for Pennies

Superior Science on a Shoestring Science on a small budget.

Organize Your Homeschool On a Budget

What Does My Preschooler Need to Know? What does your preschooler need to learn, and how can you teach it?

Preschool for Pennies How to teach your preschoolers almost for free.

Special Needs Preschool Resources to help you teach preschoolers with special needs.

Getting Ready to Write How to get a preschooler ready for handwriting.

Science for Tots Teaching science to your preschoolers and getting everyone else involved at the same time.

Music for Tots Teaching preschoolers to sing and play inexpensive instruments.

History for Preschoolers Help your preschoolers learn history and love doing it.

Arts & Crafts Low-cost craft activities that bring activities to life for little ones.

Geography for Little Ones Preschool geography can be all fun and games.

Nursery Rhymes and "Tot Lit" Teach your little ones the joy of reading with "tot lit".

Getting Ready to Read How to teach the skills your little ones need to be ready to read.

Preschool Prep for Pennies How to do preschool at home inexpensively.

Every Day a Holiday Juice up your preschool with holiday units.

First Grade on a Shoestring

Hands-On Second Grade on a Shoestring

Exploring Interests in the Real World: Third Grade Tips Third grade on a shoestring.

Testing Tips For Little Ones What do your little ones know?

Physical Education on a Shoestring Inexpensive physical education for your preschooler.

Group Activities Group activities and field trips on a shoestring.

Character Matters for Kids Teaching good character on a slim budget.

The Joy of Chores

Education Vacations Try educational vacations for hands-on geography and more.

Nature Study How to enjoy nature with your preschooler.

Parent-Led Bible Education A call to parents to take the lead in family devotions

Church-Based Christian Education Tips for setting up a homeschool-friendly Christian education program at your church

Safety Smart Turn your back for an instant, and your kamikaze kid is exploring a light bulb, playing in the street, or climbing the kitchen cabinets. This all can be avoided by teaching your kid to be safety smart.

Toddlercizing at Home Most youngsters can bop ‘til you drop, so it’s fun to see how long mom or dad can last.

Preschool History Teach your preschooler history!

Co-ops for Little Kids The resources for getting your little ones out and about are quite numerous.

Happiness Is . . . Holidays Learn some ways to make your holidays stress free!

Overworked, Underpaid, and Overjoyed Toddlers can be educated too!

Types of Tykes: Enjoying Your Little Learner’s Style What are the different learning styles, and how can one tell which is the best for their child?

Toddler Travel: Top Ten Tipe for Enjoying—Not Just Surviving—Educational Trips Toddler travels can be trying, but apply these tips and the road will likely become more pleasant.

Make Mom Play Ball: Physical Education for Tots What to think about when designing physical education activities for toddlers.

Team Teaching: Older Kids Save the Day! Make “team teaching” part of your homeschool’s success.

Preschool thinking Skills How to begin training your preschooler’s thinking skills

20 Chores Your Toddler Will Love Here are 20 chores your toddlers will be begging you to let them do

The Twelve Days of Preschool Christmas How to use “The Twelve Days of Christmas” for the outline of a unit study

Sarah Morgan

Sign Language Interpreting Learn this second language and get a job!

Gretchen Mork

Homeschooling: A Boon for Crack Babies? A true story about how homeschooling approaches are helping three children in Northern California.

Leanna Moxley

World's First Homeschool Key Club How a South Carolina homeschool support group started a Kiwanis Key Club.

Natalie Muus

"You Go Where?" Homeschool grad Natalie Muus answers this vital question.

Edwin Myers

Heartland College: A Revolution in College Education The college we can start ourselves.

Naomi Nattress

How to "Bee" a Spelling Winner National Spelling Bee finalist Naomi Nattress tells us her secrets of spelling success.

John Nixdorf

What About Youth Group? John Nixdorf takes you on an insider's tour of youth group ministries. Learn how to evaluate how useful your church youth group will (or won't) be to your teen's Christian life.

Shelley Noonan

Five Ways to Beat the Mid-Winter Blues Five ways to beat the blues during the short days of winter.

Homeschooled Boy Meets World Does homeschooling prepare kids for the "real world"? Check this out!

Life's Simple Pleasures The best summer activities are often the simplest.

Afternoon Tea Tea time warms the heart and a family home.

Ease into the Best Homeschool Year Ever How to make the transition from summer to homeschool easier for your students

The Privilege of Giving Christmas is not about the joy of getting, but of giving.

June Oberlander

Getting Ready for Reading How to get your preschool child ready for reading.

Perception Training How to train your child's senses so he will be ready to learn.

Thanks for the Memory! How to train your preschooler's memory

Turning Junk into Educational Treasures Discover learning readiness resources in your junk box.

Money Readiness: Play Store Math readiness for 30 cents

Learning Motor Skills Learning hand/eye coordination.

Joy Pavelski

Homeschooling in the Military Moving repeatedly and having a spouse deployed brings special challenges. Learn how we can reach out to these families.

Mary Pecci

Succeed with Phonics the Easy Way! Mary Pecci outlines a no-fail strategy for teaching your child to read.

Free Your Child from the "Sight Word" Trap Mary Pecci has a nifty strategy for helping a beginner read non-phonetic words.

Dennis Peterson

A Travel Notebook Turn travel time into learning time!

Nikki Pheneger

My Mission Trip to Africa Nikki Pheneger describes her short-term missionary visit to Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Michael Platt

Teenagers: Where Do They Come From Michael Platt says teenagers are a figment of our culture that didn't exist before 1934.

The 1000 Good Books Michael Platt explains how and why to find them.

Teaching from Afar, Learning at a Distance Michael Platt teaches Shakespeare by phone.

“Go West, Young Boy, Young Girl” Want to read a western? Michael Platt gives a few book choices to begin with.

College Outside the United States You could have intense college education outside United States convention in the privacy of your own home!

Shakespeare by Phone Look at an example of students learning Shakespeare over the phone.

Why Parents Should Read Aloud to Their Children Michael Platt meets Babar, and finds a world of wonder in simply reading aloud to the little ones.

The Whole of Shakespeare Michael Platt enlightens us with the writings of Shakespeare, and what we can learn from him today.

The Declaration of America An in-depth look at the Declaration of Independence.

The Truths We Hold Self-Evident Dr. Platt continues his look at the Declaration of Independence.

Drue Porter

Making Your Move Reduce the strain on your curriculum plan during a move.

Homeschooling While Dad is Deployed How to overcome the challenges to a military homeschool family during times when dad is deployed

Military Mom’s Challenge with Space and Privacy Successful homeschooling in military housing, and facing the challenges of little space and lack of privacy.

Education as a Moving Experience Drue Porter, our "Military Mom," shows how education can be a moving experience... or is it the other way around?

How to Become a Civil Air Patrol Cadet Drue and Scott Porter talk about giving your children "roots" and "wings" and introduce us to the Civil Air Patrol Cadet program.

Bill Pride

Yes, I Am a Religious Homeschooler Government officials have scrutinized homeschooling from academic capability to social success. What new criticisms have they come up with?

Slackers Need Heroes The ultimate slacker prevention.

You've Got a Friend What is the father/husband's role in the homeschool?

Revenge of the Nerds Colleges need more math- and science-proficient students.

Getting Ready for (Gasp!) Algebra & Beyond How to get your child ready for high school math.

Teaching Algebra: The Search for X How and why to teach algebra.

Teaching Geometry: Measuring Up, Proving Yourself Geometry: the first pure math course.

Advanced Math: Trig, PreCalc, and more! Advanced Math: the bridge to Calculus.

Calculus: The Bridge to College Math and Science

High School Science When to start, which subjects to teach.

High School Biology What you need to know before teaching high-school biology.

High School Chemistry Things to consider when teaching high school lab chemistry.

Teaching Physics at Home How to succeed at teaching high school physics.

Calculate This! The pen is mightier than... the calculator?

Graph This Graphing calculators can do all kinds of incredibly fascinating things.

The Foundations of Science Improve science success by laying a good foundation.

Why You Need Lab Science Your teen needs lab science. Here's why...

Middle School Science What's it all about?

How to Get into Medical School What you need to do starting now to get into medical school!

The Great Probeware Scam Beware of "probeware" - the new science education boondoggle.

What College Math Majors Don't Know Help for future mathematics majors.

Math Wars What are the "math wars," and which side can you trust?

Statistics Can Be Sweet Everything you need to learn about homeschooling your kids in statistics.

Getting Ready for Algebra Laying a good foundation leads to algebra success

The National Bible Bee A contest rewarding mastery of the best book there is

It’s a Wonderful Second Life I want to tell you about my second life—how I’m applying lessons learned in our homeschool to my own career.

Our Children's Inheritance The baton has been dropped. The current generation, as well informed as they try to be about social causes, are largely ignorant of who God is and what he has done as recorded in His Bible.

The Not-So-Empty Nest The nest need not be so empty.

Considering a Career Change? If you are tired of your old occupation, this article might be for you.

It’s Time for Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Day! Sometimes the teachers in a homeschool need appreciation for what they do.

Is STEM in Your Future? The benefits of teaching STEM courses in your homeschool

Franklin Pride

Stuck at the Prom Bet you never thought you could do THIS with duct tape!

Gregory Pride

My Mountain-Top Experience Gregory Pride describes his two weeks at Summit Ministries Christian worldview seminar.

Joseph Pride

The World's Tiniest Motors Motors the size of molecules show why the "simple" cell is irreducibly complex

Sweat Now, Sail Later Video-game slacker or life of adventure? Hard work made the difference.

Madeleine Pride

Another Kind of Summer Camp Madeleine attends ID Tech Camp's film camp and writes about it.

Magda Pride

Civil Air Patrol Wants You! Magda Pride tells what Civil Air Patrol can add to your homeschool.

Foam Wars Dagorhir is great fun. Go out on a Saturday morning and beat on your friends with foam swords.

Girl Meets World The ultimate in homeschool socialization meets the world.

Sarah Pride

The World's Cutest Unit Study Even stuffed animals can be educational...

My Week At West Point Workouts and workshops, spirit missions and challenge exercises: here's an inside view of a military academy.

Have 5 Pianos, Will Travel Homeschooled siblings take the world of classical music by storm.

Homeschooler Wins the Siemens Westinghouse Competition It's arguably the most important math / science / technology competition in the world. How did homeschooler Michael Viscardi win it?

The National Homeschool Debate Tournament A report on the 10th Annual NCFCA Debate Tournament held at Patrick Henry College.

Online Dangers: How to "E-Proof" Your Kids The Internet is a jungle. How should homeschoolers deal with this growing part of 21st century life?

The First Homeschool Alumni National Reunion The first HomeschoolAlumni.org National Reunion happened in July 2006. Find out what went on!

Patrick Henry College: A College for Homeschoolers (and Others) Find out what's been happening at "The Homeschooler's College"

A Visit to the Creation Museum What brought over 100,000 visitors to this brand-new museum inn the first two months?

The “REBELUTION”: How Two Homeschool Grads are Reaching Out to Their Generation

Theodore Pride

College From a Hospital Bed Ted tells about how he survived major health challenges and earned a college degree via distance learning.

Bob Reith

Is There Life After Homeschooling?

Michael Reitz

A Full Circle A homeschool graduate starts to build his homeschooling family.

Sending Them Out: Raising Children, Raising Adults Keep the goal in mind - raising godly adults.

Culture Warriors Read about some remarkable homeschool graduates.

Discovering God's Plan for Your Life Discover what God wants you to do after graduation.

Journaling from the Heart Journaling techniques.

Homeschoolers and Civic Involvement Hands-on politics for homeschooled teens.

How the Media Gets it Wrong about Homeschooling How homeschoolers should respond to negative media attention.

Howard and Susan Richman

"Our State Organization Grants Recognized Diplomas" Howard Richman explains how Pennsylvania Homeschoolers pulled this off.

Colleges Without Walls Howard Richman imagines the college of the future.

Contests for your Kids The Richmans tell you how to enter.

Team Contests Sue Richman briefs you on contests your homeschool group can enter.

Getting College Credit for Your Homeschool Susan Richman tells us how to prepare our children for the AP Exams and beyond.

Driver Education Homeschooled kids can get in driving accidents too. Here's how to do driver's ed right.

Scholarship Search Services: Help or Scam? Wondering about those college scholarship search services? DON'T!

AP Courses At Home Preparing for Advanced Placement tests at home.

Time to Think About College Board Testing... The PSAT, the SAT I and SAT II, what to do about them, and why you should care.

Listen to the Voices of the Past - Through the Internet! Primary source documents on the Internet.

Essay Contests for Teens Here's the scoop on essay contests you can enter.

Learn a Living Language! How and why...

How to Win the Geography Bee If you subscribe to National Geographic and paper your walls with maps, this is for you!

To Skip or Not to Skip... that is the question.

Think Math Contests! Contests that add pizzazz to math study.

Choosing the Best College for Your Homeschooler Choosing a college: What should you consider when you're looking through the viewbooks?

Speed Reading Learn to speed read! How it works, what books to buy, what to try!

What I've Learned about Learning... by Learning Hebrew Sue Richman tells what she learned about learning in general from her experience teaching herself Hebrew

Writing for Real Audiences... Why Writing Clubs Help Practical help for whatever you want to study.

Shakespeare and Creative Dramatics at Home The Shakespeare Sleepover Society and other creative ways home-schoolers are pursuing the dramatic arts.

12 Ways Homeschooling Is Like Housework How is homeschooling like housework? Read this and laugh!

Summer Studying... But Not at Home Summer academic camps... another way to homeschool away from home!

Homeschooling and Pets What can homeschooled kids learn from their pets?

How to Teach Your Children Not to Plagiarize Plagiarism can destroy a student's future life. Here's how to teach your kids to be honest writers.

Homeschoolers and Advanced Placement Advanced Placement exams can have great benefits for a homeschooler's college career. Find out how it works and how to find an online course.

A Homeschooler’s Guide to the Recession Howard Richman gives us a clear view on how the recession got as bad as it did.

Elizabeth Roberts

First Annual Homeschool Special Needs Conference An exclusive report on this homeschool "first".

Dr. Arthur Robinson

"My Children Teach Themselves" When this family's mother died, the children took over, with surprising results.

Build Confidence Through Independent Learning Practice tackling problems on your own in homeschool and the habit will carry over into college and beyond.

Learning to Think Scientifically Dr. Arthur Robinson explains why you need math to do real science and how to detect "pretend science" courses.

College Preparation in the Homeschool Dr. Arthur Robinson tells about a basic skill that will prepare your homeschoolers for college.

Science Taken Seriously Dr. Arthur Robinson wants us to be careful what we teach is true, not a "dumbed-down" oversimplification.

Must Differences Be Compulsory? Multiculturalism teaches that all people should be forced to remain different.

Government As It Ought To Be Taught Trust and parrot? No way!

The Future of Homeschooling The demise of government schools and how that affects homeschooling.

Setting an Example Children learn by example.

21st Century Kids Need Real Skills Wanted: 21st century kids who know how to do real work.

How to Raise a Thinker Why math and vocabulary are the tools of learning.

Teresa Schultz-Jones

A Homeschooled Preteen in College Teresa Schultz-Jones' 11-year-old daughter tests the waters at community college.

How We Made A Homeschool Yearbook How to put together an amazing yearbook for your homeschool support group.

It's National Novel Writing Month! Write a 50,000 word novel in a month? Over 9,000 people did it last year. Discover how you can do it, too.

Why We Chose NARHS to Create Our High School Transcripts Learn about how to get an accredited high school transcript while teaching your own choice of courses.

If It’s Tuesday, This Postcard Must Be from Belgium Find out what postcrossing is, and how your children can benefit from doing it.

Rebecca Sealfon

Rebecca Sealfon Knows How to Spell "Success." Meet this homeschooled National Spelling Bee winner.

Stephen Shannon

What I learned at the Dale Carnegie Course If your child would like to be a leader some day, it might help to learn some leadership skills. Here is where one homeschooled student found it all.

Rob and Cyndy Shearer

Put the Story Back into History Rob and Cyndy Shearer tell how to make history exciting.

Should Christian Parents Teach Mythology? Rob and Cyndy Shearer address legitimate concerns of Christian parents on teaching mythology.

How Should We Deal with Evolution? The Shearers explain why evolution is bad history—and why we should teach it as a “myth.”

Old Testament History 101 The Shearers make it simple.

Ancient History 101 The Shearers think it's time to study Greece, Rome, and Israel.

What You Never Knew About the Middle Ages I write to defend the study of history prior to 1492. What you never knew about the Middle Ages.

History Developing Godly Children Rob and Cyndy Shearer say if your student studies history it will build wisdom and reinforce character.

Introduction to Twaddle-Free History The Shearers describe their method for teaching twaddle-free history.

Models for Understanding History The Shearers wonder if the human race is going uphill, downhill, or over the hill. Find out what difference this makes to your history studies

The Myth of Neutrality The good and bad sides of multiculturalism.

Should Homeschoolers Be Guilty Until Proven Innocent? How presuppositions effect our politics.

Columbus and the Flat Earth... History Myths about Columbus debunked.

Patrick Henry A sketch of the remarkable career of Patrick Henry.

How George Washington Learned the Art of War George Washington was a soldier before he became Commander-in-Chief. How did he learn how to fight... and win?

Forgotten Thanksgiving Facts Squanto, the world traveler, and other little-known facts about Thanksgiving.

Bruce Shortt

The Harsh Truth About Public Schools An interview with Bruce Shortt, the man who tried to talk the Southern Baptists into opting out of the public schools.

Gail Small

To Bee Your Very Best A spelling coach's view of the Scripps Howard Spelling Bee.

People to People Student Ambassadors How you can travel to foreign lands, meet important people and everyday folks aronund the world, and get a fabulous item for your transcript.

Elisabeth Snell

How to Protect Your Baby in the ICU Good advice to help your little one survive the intensive care experience.

Scott Somerville

Going Online Scott Somerville visits the library while sitting at home.

Columnists Face Off - Computerized Education Scott Somerville shows us the strengths and weaknesses of computers as educational tools.

Barry Stebbing

A Recipe for Teaching Art at Home Barry Stebbing teaches us how to teach art.

Andrew Stone

A Higher Standard for Excellence What American homeschoolers need to know about the largest examination and curriculum system in the world.

A Higher Standard for Excellence, Part 2 The road to world-class testing is still rocky for homeschoolers.

Alexandra Swann

Setting Up Your College Study Schedule Alexandra Swann shares pointers for students studying at home.

College at Home Alexandra Swann started college at age 12, shares her study tips.

"I Was an Accelerated Child" Alexandra Swann and her siblings share what it's like to graduate high school by age 11.

Benjamin Swann

Who Needs the Prom? Do more (homeschooling) with less (time).

Joyce Swann

College at Home is a Bargain Joyce Swann reveals how to save $40,000 on a college degree.

College Bound at Home, Part1: The Elementary Years Joyce Swann gives tips on preparing for higher education in the lower grades.

Help: Where to Find It (College Resources) Joyce Swann thinks you can do college at home without long-distance calls to your professor.

Columnists Face Off - Accelerated Education Joyce Swann presents the advantages of homeschooling the way the Swanns do it.

Joyce Swann's Homeschool Tips How does this mother of 10 run their accelerated education program?

Joyce Swann’s Organization Secrets, Part 1 Keeping your homeschool interruption-free!

Speed Your Kids Through High School Use this efficient curriculum plan to accelerate your children through high school.

Extracurricular Extravaganza Joyce Swann gives pointers on how to keep your life from becoming crazy with extracurriculars.

Steady Pace Wins the Race Joyce Swann explains why accelerated education is a misleading name for their homeschool.

Surviving an Accident as a Homeschool Mom Joyce Swann tells how she kept her homeschool running after she was severely injured by the family van.

Accelerated Education Joyce Swann prefers structure and traditional curriculum. Here's her success story.

How We Teach Worldview in Our Family Joyce Swann shares her methods for teaching Christian worldview.

Correspondence Schools Joyce Swann tells us how college distance learning worked for her family.

When Homeschool Goes Public Joyce Swann's homeschooled son became a substitute teacher in a public school. What happened then?

To Teach or Not to Teach [Multiculturalism] Familiarity breeds... what?

A Good Government Needs Good Officials Government as it ought to be.

Don't Go Back to School! Five reasons to consider a 12-month school year.

You Are Not Alone

The Best Graduation Gift Joyce gets a graduation gift from two of her children.

Science from a Christian Perspective How to teach science from a Christian perspective - using secular books.

To Maintain Control, Maintain a Schedule A schedule? What's that?

The Amazing Swann Family: Where Are They Now? These 10 homeschooled kids graduated from high school at 12 and college at 15. So how did the amazing Swanns turn out?

Janis Tatum

Homeschoolers Meet In High Places Janis tells about some homeschoolers who participated in mock trials with hundreds of other delegates in Texas.

Jennifer Thieme

How to Buy & Sell Used Curriculum Jennifer Thieme tells us how.

Should I Change Curriculum? When it's time to take the plunge and when it's not.

Seven Effective Home Management Tips

Heather Thompson

Why Music? Studying music can change your life. Now, how does it do that?

Christopher Thorne

A Call to Excellence

Rita M. Tubbs

Gym and Enrichment the Co-op Way How one support group integrated gymnastics into their homeschool co-op.

Dale Turner & Penny Ross

Teens Take Top Tech Trophy How a team made up largely of homeschoolers won the "World Series" of robot competitions.

Jamie Turner

My College Experience at Age 12 Jamie Turner tells all!

Maryann Turner

What is Unschooling? Maryann Turner explains what it is and why it works for her.

Education Just Happens... Does It Really? Maryann Turner explains how education partly depends on attitude and environment.

Getting Ready for College in the Early Grades Maryann Turner helps us get those little ones on track.

The Most Significant Scientific Discovery of All Maryann Turner points out the wonders of nature all around us.

What is Our Job as Parents? All parents have a mission.

This Land is God's Land How the "me universe" has destroyed our perspective.

Doing It All Can Do You In! Confessions of a super homeschooling mom.

Unexpected Gifts How to help your children gain a love for art and music and an eye and an ear for beauty.

Community Service? Community service the homeschool way.

You Don't Have to Be Perfect... Just Smile! Perfection versus enthusiasm

Play Ball! A homeschooler becomes a pitching ace.

Celebrate the Simple! The holiday season is the perfect time to take advantage of many opportunities to share the joy of learning.

Janice VanCleave

Daylight Savings Discover how daylight savings time works!

Meteorites What happens when a meteor strikes the earth?

Water from Gases How can we get liquid by combining two gases?

Flies on the Ceiling How do flies walk on the ceiling and what is it like to walk upside down?

Buoyancy Why a metal boat floats, but a metal ball sinks.

Walk Like a Bug How bugs walk without stepping on their own toes.

How Joints Work Build a model elbow!

Brad Voeller

What is "Accelerated Distance Learning"? A college degree in six months, for less than $5,000? It's no lie! We interview the homeschool graduate who put the "accelerated" in "accelerated distance learning."

Kathy von Duyke

Use the Copier to Add Spice to Your Homeschool Kathy von Duyke has new ideas about how to use the copier (legally) for everything from household management to science.

Is It Mom or Memorex? Kathy von Duyke's educational tapes save her a lot of trouble.

Videos: Bane or Blessing? Kathy von Duyke helps you get those flickering images under control.

The Towle School Approach Kathy von Duyke describes a school just for homeschoolers.

Getting Organized Part 1 - Tips & Tricks Kathy von Duyke has great ideas on how to get organized.

Getting Organized Part 2

Getting Organized Part 3

Developing Your Teaching Style Kathy Von Duyke provides 13 ways to make sure they're learning what you're teaching.

Is Every Culture Equally Valid? Shivering in the rain forest, plus missions a la geography.

Getting Smart with Art How to teach your children "real" art the homeschool way.

How to be a Professional in Your Own Home How to become a pro teacher.

Banqueting Basics, Part 1 Three main courses and dessert.

Banqueting Basics, Part 2 More on the "Banquet Approach".

Sketchy Training Discover one of the world's most powerful teaching tools!

Introducing the Montessori Method The philosophy behind this child-friendly method, and some practical tips on how to make it work in your home.

The First Two Weeks of Montessori Homeschool How to get started? Here are tips for the first two weeks of a Montessori homeschool.

Periods, Planes, Ages & Stages How to teach children of all ages.

How Free Should They Be? When is freedom too free? Some tips for adding structure without squelching your child's spirit.

Phonics the Montessori Way Secrets of readiness, timing, and teaching letters with stories.

Phonics the Montessori Way, Part 2 More on teaching reading with phonics the Montessori way, this time with blending!

What I Learned at the Montessori Conference A visit to a Montessori conference that might change the future of your homeschool.

Montessori Math Math the Montessori way.

Montessori Language Arts at Home, Part 1 Language arts the Montessori way.

Montessori Language Arts at Home, Part 2

Building a Montessori Homeschooling Co-op Suggestions for how to start and maintain a Montessori co-op.

Steve Wagner

Shooting Sports for Homeschoolers Improve your hand/eye coordination and have a great time shooting targets and clay disks. Olympics, anyone?

Eric Wallace

Selling your Pastor on Homeschool Ministry Eric explains how to reach frindly, neutral, and even hostile church leaders.

"I Want It All!" Eric Wallace shows how to set up a homeschool resource center without going broke.

Staffing a Church's Homeschool Ministry Eric Wallace management and hiring tips.

Home Education Ministries Work! Eric Wallace talks about church growth.

Brenda Weatherly

Just Added!  Better Than Couponing The benefits of bartering and how to do it.

Austin Webb

Getting Into a Top College Practical tips to help your kids get into a top college.

Choosing the Best High School Activities How to pick extracurricular activities that enhance your college chances.

Turbo-Charge Your High School Academics ...and maybe rake in big scholarships.

Regaining Our Pioneer Spirit: Staying Home and Standing Out Have homeschoolers lost our pioneering spirit?

Test Savvy How to get ready for the tests high-school kids take.

Selling Colleges on You How to present yourself so you will stand out from the crowd of college applicants.

Your College Admissions Essay How to write a college application essay that will make you stand out and make a good impression.

College Interviews How to prepare for a college interview and how to impress your interviewer.

Getting Great College Recommendations Let others praise you... and get you into the college of your choice.

How Dangerous is College? How to deal with the dangers of being out on your own at college.

Jeannette Webb

SAT Prep for First Grade? We start homeschool with kindergarten. When do we start SAT prep?

Essays That Bring Home the Bacon College application and exam essays that bring home the bacon.

The Critical Junior Year Planning the eventful junior year of high school.

The Gift of a Mentor How the right mentors can bless your children.

How I Trained My Children to Be Leaders Jeannette lets us in on some of the secrets that have led to her children's amazing success.

Parents as Mentors What a parent needs to do to become an effective mentor for her children.

The Freshman Year of High School: Keep It Real How to have a successful freshman year of high school.

The Sophomore Year of High School: Emerging Butterflies What should our goals be for the sophomore year of high school?

Raising Gifted Children Right Seven top tips help parents avoid major mistakes with their gifted kids.

PSAT/SAT/ACT and National Merit Should you take the PSAT, the SAT, or the ACT? How do you prepare, and why should you care about these National Merit tests?

Senior Year: The Final Lap The last year of homeschool, graduation and on to college

How to Pick a College Match your talents and personality with the perfect college

Building a College Résumé With a few organizing techniques and documentation procedures, it becomes much less fraught making a college resume for your homeschool student.

The College Application You cannot fail in your college application if you follow these important steps.

The Counselor Letter Learn to write an incredible counselor letter.

What About Our Daughters? Our daughters need proper guidance and counsel, too.

Creating Your School Profile & Transcript Legend Tips on how to make a school profile.

How to Make a High School Transcript There are many elements which go into a high school transcript.

Going Deeper Learn how Jeannette Webb challenges her children to push themselves beyond their comfort zones in their education.

Developing Passion Find out how to let passion flower in your home.

High School Research Sometimes it cannot hurt to think big for high school research projects.

10 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Joyful Learning Sacrifice a little neatness and make your home a place where kids love to learn.

Print-Rich Environment Nothing promotes learning like a house full of books.

For Them or With Them? A Mother’s Dilemma Should we do things for our children or alongside them?

Natalie Webb

The International Debate Society No NCFCA club in your town? Here's an alternative.

Pat Wesolowski

Raising Great Communicators the Co-Op Way Pat Wesolowski explains how showing and telling before a group can skyrocket your child's communication skills.

Carol Wickwire

Surf 'N' Homeschool Homeschooling and the ocean combine to make a fulfilling life.

Douglas Wilson

Classical Education for Christians A classical education provides a timeless introduction to knowledge for your homeschooling student.

"Question Authority" Douglas Wilson points out the difference between critical thinking and logic.

Literature: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Douglas Wilson names names.

Columnists Face Off - Classical Education Douglas Wilson presents the case for classical education.

Does History Have a Purpose? “History That Works for Me” v. History That Really Happened.

Think Classical in High School Transition your high school student through the dialectic and rhetorical stages of learning in classical education.

How to Remain Logical in an Argument Learn a few tips on spotting fallacies and countering perspectives.

Kym Wright

Unit Studies = Family Unity in Studies Kym discusses involving the entire home when homeschooling.

Lisa Yoder

Christian Character Lisa Yoder explains how to teach your children to have good character as well as a good education.

Family Treasures - A Homeschool Yearbook Lisa Yoder suggests how to create a permanent treasure that memorializes your homeschooling years.

Educational Opportunities Abound for Homeschoolers Lisa Yoder outlines a myriad of doors from various resources that are open for homeschoolers today.

Discovering the Mysteries of Museums Lisa Yoder fills us in on how to get the most out of a museum.

Win Over Your Church! How to help your church understand and appreciate homeschooling.

Can Homeschooling Save Your Child's Health? Lisa Yoder shares true stories of how some families have saved their children's health... and educations.

PHS Staff

Handwriting Showdown Check out these different handwriting styles and see which one works best for your homeschooled child.

Homeschooler Donates $50,000 of Books to His Local Library Jason Orr won a boatload of books. What does he do with them next?

Saving Our Kids from Childhood Obesity Possible cases of childhood obesity and how homeschoolers can minimize the chances of it.

What's happening in California? The call for a mass exodus from the California public schoools went out... and then this happened.

Rescuing our Grandchildren's Future Why we have to worry about whether our kids will have a job, and what to do about it.

Picking the Best College Is it really worth going deep into debt to attend a “name” school? Is your life over if you start your higher education in community college or your state university? We chop through the hype.

19 Ways to Get the Most from Your Library The library has a mountain of resources to utilize!

Summer Camp Extravaganza When you think of camping, “roughing it” is usually the first thought that comes to mind. But there are many other camping options to choose from.

Taking Our Kids Hostage: The New Government Order for Mandatory "Voluntary" Service “Do whatever the government says, no matter how servile, and you will be liberated.” What's wrong with this picture?

What’s New with the Common Core Learn about the progress as of November, 2010, in secretly designing the national educational standard.

California Versus Christian Textbooks The California University system has decided that certain Christian textbooks are unacceptable.

Tiger Mom or Pussycat Mom? In this review of Amy Chua’s book, find out how she recommends we teach our children to get excellent results.

What Rough Beast Is Slouching Towards a National Curriculum? Education officials claim that Common Core is not a national curriculum, but it sure looks like one.


Are You Ready for Homeschool U? What type of higher education—if any—is most appropriate for homeschoolers? Do we need a new type of higher education? Can colleges and universities still meet our needs, or will the homeschool revolution even change higher education?

Worldwide Schoolhouse Homeschool lessons from those who learned abroad or in unusual settings.

Starting a Homeschool Basketball Program No need for homeschoolers to sacrifice sports or fellowship!

Frequently Questioned Answers About Homeschooling Finally have a witty retort to all the generic questions you are barraged with as a homeschooling parent.

Amateur Radio in the Homeschool Tinker with more than simple walkie-talkies by getting an amateur radio license!

Law School for Homeschoolers A new Law school that caters to homeschoolers.

How I Passed the AP Audit With the tough new rules about which couses can be legally labeled “AP.’ Can a home-school mom still create and teach an AP course? Here's how one did just that.

Hominids & Hoaxes What textbooks don't tell you about the "missing link".

Homeschooling a Child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome It isn’t easy, but homeschooling can help these special-needs children, too.

Creed of a Christian Homeschooler This creed would be a wonderful addition to your homeschool.

Simply Your Own Piano Instructions Business Learn the basics of becoming a successful piano teacher.

My Educational Trip to China How one family cleverly planned, journaled, and documented their trip for academic credit

When It Comes to Church, Are Your Children Already Gone? PHS interviews Ken Ham, author of a new book with shocking information . . . and answers.

10 Minutes that Changed Our Lives 14 years ago, this family decided to homeschool, almost by accident. Follow their journey from kindergarten to raising a National Merit Finalist . . . and beyond!

Take a Hike Find out what this father and son learned while hiking the Appalachian Trail.

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