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Homeschooling gifted students or those with special needs at home

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Homeschooling Special Needs Children Why you can do it better than a school official, why it’s best for your child, and how to deal with the laws.

Special Needs Preschool Resources to help you teach preschoolers with special needs.

Learning Disabilities: Fact or Fiction? How to sort out fixable physical and other problems from genuine learning difficulties and avoid unnecessary labels. Ways to help the slow learner.

Vision or ADD? Lisa Gard unveils the possibility that some supposed cases of ADD can be cured by an optometrist.

Hyperactive, Hyperkinetic, ADD, ADHD How to help your student filter out distractions and concentrate on homeschool

Simple Ways to Stimulate a Special Child Peggy Barker introduces the “bath play” methods that she successfully used with her daughter, who has Down Syndrome.

Weathering The Storm Ann Lloyd tells us her own story and gives us some tips on how to educate an emotionally volatile child

Homeschooling: A Boon for Crack Babies? A true story about how homeschooling approaches are helping three children in Northern California.

Homeschooling a Child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome It isn’t easy, but homeschooling can help these special-needs children, too.

Sign Language Interpreting Learn this second language and get a job!

Don’t Give Up on Your Late Bloomers Hang in there with your “late bloomer.” A slow start can still lead to a strong finish.


Homeschooling a Gifted Child Elise Griffith tells about how she and her husband managed the education of their gifted child.

Raising Gifted Children Right Seven top tips help parents avoid major mistakes with their gifted kids.


It’s not for everyone, but some families have been known to have their children ready for college by age 12, 13, 14… Here’s how they did it.

“I Was an Accelerated Child” Alexandra Swann and her siblings share what it’s like to graduate high school by age 11.

Joyce Swann’s Homeschool Tips How does this mother of 10 run their accelerated education program?

Steady Pace Wins the Race Joyce Swann explains why accelerated education is a misleading name for their homeschool.

Accelerated Education Joyce Swann prefers structure and traditional curriculum. Here’s her success story.


Homeschooling Even When Mom Is Ill How to keep homeschooling even when Mom is in difficult circumstances.

Can Homeschooling Save Your Child’s Health? Lisa Yoder shares true stories of how some families have saved their children’s health... and educations.

Homeschooling a Medically Handicapped Child How homeschooling benefitted this severely physically handicapped boy

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