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Getting Started

Thinking of homeschooling? Nervous about starting?

Then you came to the right place!

Over the years, we’ve helped close to one million families start homeschooling successfully. Just read the articles and infographics below, and you’re well on your way! If it looks like a lot, just start with the top article. (And subscribing to our magazine wouldn’t hurt, either!)

Getting Started in Homeschooling: The First Ten Steps Mary Pride explains the essential ten steps. You can also see them listed on this infographic.

Why Should I Homeschool? Seven great reasons...Infographic!

Why Should I Homeschool? Seven more great reasons...Infographic!

10 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Joyful Learning How to set up your home in a way that invites kids to learn.

Seven Effective Home Management Tips Quick and simple ways to save a LOT of time & effort in your daily routine.

File This! Nitty-gritty tips for taming your clutter.

The Quest for the Perfect Homeschool The #1 reason parents struggle with homeschooling is that they think they have to do a Pinterest-perfect job. Reassure yourself here!

How Homeschooling Changed My Life How to deal with the changes that come when you start homeschooling. Christian perspective.


Infographics—Pick your favorite method & curriculum type
the easy, visual way!

Charlotte Mason Style
Homeschool without Homework Karen Andreola introduces the Charlotte Mason method.

Narration Beats Tests and Reviews Karen Andreola explains how it works.

Learn Writing Without Writing Charlotte Mason promotes a simple, natural approach to teaching children to write.

Start a Nature Notebook Karen Andreola shows us how to start a Nature notebook - Charlotte Mason Style.

Picture Study Art appreciation the Charlotte Mason way.

Classical Education
What Is Classical Education? Martin Cothran explains the essentials of this old (but newly popular) homeschool method.

Introduction to Classical Education Fritz Hinrichs outlines "What is Classical Education?" and tells us what makes Great Books great.

Building a Firm Foundation for Classical Education Ten things to do with your child before age ten.

Unit Studies
Bread & Butter If unit studies are butter, what is the bread?

Make Your Own History Units! Want to create a history unit study of your own? Here's how.

Holiday Unit Studies How to create your own special unit studies that highlight the holidays.

How to Create Your Own Author Unit How to make a unit study about your favorite author.

Create Your Own Science Unit How to create your own science unit study.

Create Your Own Geography Unit How to create your own geography unit study.

Unit Studies = Family Unity in Studies Kym discusses involving the entire home when homeschooling.

Accelerated Education
Accelerated Education Joyce Swann prefers structure and traditional curriculum. Here's her success story.

The Amazing Swann Family: Where Are They Now? These 10 homeschooled kids graduated from high school at 12 and college at 15. So how did the amazing Swanns turn out?


Top 10 Tips for Working at Home while Homeschooling Infographic.

Full-Time Work, Full-Time Homeschool Infographic. Strategies for making a full-time job and full-time homeschooling work together. Yes, it CAN be done!


Having cooperative, wonderful kids is a HUGE help when you’re homeschooling (or any other time, for that matter!). Here are some time-tested ways to teach your kids to do the “right thing” at the “right time.”

Top Ten Character Tips These are Chris Klicka’s top ten tips for building character, from a Christian perspective. Bonus effect: they act as slacker prevention!

Character Matters for Kids Character curriculum for a slim budget. Christian-based.

Volunteering: How to Start Well-known author Tricia Goyer explains how to get your kids started in community service.


If you hope for your kids to have homes and/or careers of their own some day, they will need to learn to work. And right now, your teaching time is precious. Teach them to become independent and (eventually) free up some of your time by teaching them how to do basic chores.

Yes, Kids Can! Kids can do more to help around the house than most people think.

The Joy of Chores How to get your littlest ones started, and the many ways this benefits them (yes, it’s more mess for you at first!)

Teach Your Children to Work Very practical, helpful tips


Co-ops provide group activities and classes: “At home” homeschooling provides maximum freedom in scheduling and curriculum choice; co-ops offer group activities and classes you usually don’t have to teach yourself. For information on how to pick a co-op, as well as all kinds of group activities, go to our Group Activities page.

Team Teaching: Older Kids Save the Day! Make “team teaching” part of your homeschool’s success.

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