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The True Root of American Freedom

By Sam Blumenfeld
Printed in Practical Homeschooling #96, 2010.

Sam Blumenfeld shows how all our freedoms in America derive from God the Creator
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Sam Blumenfeld

Dennis Prager, the well-known radio talk-show host, has produced an enormously interesting series of five-minute online videos under the title of “Prager University” (prageru.com) which I commend to all homeschoolers. In each video he discusses, from a conservative point of view, a topic of great interest to any intelligent American. In one video, Dennis Prager asks and answers the question: “What is the most important verse in the Bible?”

Of course, we all have our favorite verses. Mine is the 23rd Psalm. For Paul Johnson, the British historian, it’s the book of Job. As to importance, that required on my part a bit of thinking. But when Prager came up with his answer, I could only agree with him one hundred percent.

In Prager’s view, the most important verse in the Bible is the very first verse in Genesis: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” That sums up an entire philosophy of life based on the belief that there is a God and that He created all that exists. It is the belief behind the Declaration of Independence which states:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness—That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed.

That, in essence, is the political, moral, and spiritual philosophy behind the founding of this nation. It is the philosophical foundation of America. It is also the foundation of our belief that life has meaning, that human beings have souls, and that we have the God-given freedom to seek our own destinies, our own happiness, our own salvation.

Many people misinterpret the phrase “all men are created equal” as meaning that we are all the same and deserve the same outcomes in life. But it is equally self-evident that we are all different, that no two human beings are alike, that each human being is a unique creation, including all of those unborn human beings disposed of by abortion.

Human individuality is the basis of the American economic system, in which each individual is free to use his or her talent to achieve success, happiness, wealth, artistic greatness, fame, self-fulfillment, or godly virtue. That is the core of American greatness, the endeavors of its millions of individual citizens to create, invent, discover, and live life according to one’s own desires. It is a philosophy that rejects socialist collectivism, government control of our lives, totalitarianism, fascism, dictatorship, and Satanic religions that deny the God of the Bible and promote evil.

In framing the Constitution of the United States, the founding fathers provided us with a framework, or blueprint, of a republican representative government that would safeguard the freedoms won in the War for Independence. It could not foresee or address all of the problems our nation would face in the future. But it provided guidelines for political leadership in times of crisis and rational action to handle the crisis.

The greatest crisis our nation faced was when the Southern states seceded from the Union. President Lincoln could have decided to either accept the division of the nation or prevail against it. Of course, he could not foresee a civil war that would claim over half a million lives. And today, opinions are still divided on what could or should have been done in the face of the secession of the South.

That the issue of slavery was central to the conflict between North and South meant that the moral issue of individual freedom was at the heart of the problem and had to be resolved. Did the words in the Declaration of Independence apply to all human beings, or not? Lincoln believed that they also applied to individuals of color. The price the American people paid to uphold that idea was enormous.

Because we remained true to the principles in the Declaration of Independence, the United States survived the Civil War and went on to become the most prosperous and powerful nation on earth. Yet, today, with the takeover of our government schools by secular humanists, and a national movement to remove God from our public life, the question Dennis Prager asks is as relevant today as when the founding fathers proclaimed their adherence to Genesis One.

The political, moral, and spiritual foundation of this nation is still the Bible. Our coins still say In God We Trust. Liberty. E Pluribus Unum.

Homeschoolers have become an ever growing force upholding these basic biblical principles. And that is why homeschoolers can and must play an ever increasing role in shaping the future of America.

Born and educated in New York City, Samuel Blumenfeld has written ten books on education, including several that are considered homeschool classics. His phonics program, Alpha-Phonics, and How to Tutor the Three R’s, are available from Ross House Books, ChalcedonStore.com, 209-736-4365 ext. 12.

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