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What You Need to Know About the New “Globally Correct Education”: What It Is, What It Teaches, & Why It’s Targeting Our Kids

By Tom DeWeese
Printed in Practical Homeschooling #91, 2009.

"Dumbing down" goes global
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Tom DeWeese

Today, political debate is breaking into outright verbal war. Just say the words, “I don’t believe government should do that...” and the war is on. Take a side. Feel the heat. Tolerance is a thing of the past.

Why? Why the hatred? Why the venom? Why the intolerance to what used to be called a “personal opinion” or political debate?

The fact is, we are witnessing an all-out drive to impose thought control that seeks to ban the ability—the right—to think or speak for one’s self.

Today, there is one acceptable idea—government is the answer. Stray from that premise—even a little, as did Miss California—and there will be no mercy for you.

There are forces in this nation who want total power to dictate their agenda and they will stop at nothing to achieve it. For them there is no compromise or polite discussion or differences of opinion.

Some describe their efforts as a conspiracy. If so, It isn’t very secret. The goal has been outlined in detail many times.

It is in the UN’s report on Global Governance; in Agenda 21; in various programs of UNESCO, like its International Baccalaureate program, which teaches global citizenship in a global village. It was in the Biodiversity Treaty; the Kyoto global warming accord; and it’s in the Cap and Trade initiative. It is most certainly in the current gargantuan health care bill.

All of these policies are blatant in their intent. Top-down control; no sovereign, independent nations; no individual thought; no private property; no self defense; no morality; no personal pride of achievement; no questions. Anything that goes against the plan, anything that would cause anyone to hesitate in moving toward the agenda, must be eliminated or neutralized.

Above all, destroy reason and control the ability to think.

The real question is, “How is this happening? How have elites taken a nation created on the ideals of individual liberty, limited government, and free markets, and gotten us to accept the opposite?”

Globally Acceptable Truth: Out of Eden

A few years ago, I found the answer and I wrote about it, believing I was now arming folks with the ammunition needed to fight back. But that article was met with a resounding thud. Too intellectual, perhaps? Too academic? People want red meat. They want names and numbers of the culprits. They want to keep it simple.

Well, now that we have moved so much closer to fulfillment of the globalist agenda—now that government can be more clearly found trying to take over almost every aspect of our lives—perhaps now is the time to try again.

Ask yourselves this question: when did the ability to think rational thought become replaced with cult-like programmed responses? Why does every factual unveiling of the costs and defects of globalist programs, not to mention the lies crafted to sell them, end up “rebutted” by legions of online trolls whose response breaks down to, “None of these facts are true and you are bigoted/racist/a denier/an enemy of mankind if you believe them”?

Where do these ideas and this way of thinking, or rather, unthinking faith in the globalist agenda, come from?

Believe it or not, there is an organization, part of the UN, whose purpose is to define what we are allowed to think. Its process is called “globally-acceptable truth.”

The organization is called the Eden Foundation and the head of it is a man named Donald Sagar. He is a representative to the United Nations’ Association for World Education.

Donald Sagar has written the blueprint on thought control and is now enlisting the leaders of the world to enforce it.

Mr. Sagar sent me an email one quiet Sunday afternoon to disagree with some of my articles about global warming. His first line told me everything I needed to know about Mr. Sagar’s value system. The e-mail began, “Science aside . . .” Obviously Mr. Sagar didn’t want to be bothered by mere science when he had loftier goals in mind.

But he went on to say, “It is inherently illogical and otherwise irresponsible to suggest that human activity does not possess the potential to alter the Earth’s climate.”

What he’s saying is, no matter what science tells us, he “feels” that man is damaging the Earth, therefore he insists that it be true.

Incredibly, he then argued, with obvious horror, that “energy usage worldwide is increasing at an alarming rate of speed as 3rd world countries continue to modernize.”

One must not miss the completely astonishing rationale of his statement. My first thought is that he is one of those who believe that people who live in third-world countries are simply animals who should always live in mud huts, walk five miles a day for their filthy water, and cook over the quaint campfire in the center of the village. Because, you see, that is good for the environment.

And he certainly does believe that. But his reasoning is astounding. He says, Because of advances in technology, everyone in the world is now at similar risk—rich and poor alike.” He believes that science is only a force for destruction.

And that’s why Mr. Sagar advocates that all technological advances must be first approved by a higher authority—kept safely out of the hands of individuals.

Knowing Less Is Good for You

But fear not, Sagar’s Eden Project, he says, can define our problems on Earth and fix them. And here is how Donald Sager defines that problem: “Because of the relentless increase in the quantity and complexity of knowledge in the world, we are experiencing a clash between cultures that prevents all but the most capable of surviving with any meaningful identity intact.”

Did you catch that? The reason we have wars, poverty and misery is because there is too much knowledge. Based on that premise, Sagar then set out to create the blueprint to define acceptable ideas and thoughts—those that would bring order to the world and provide “meaningful identity,” whatever THAT means, as defined by the global elite.

So a system of thought control must be implemented. Certain ideas are the only ones safe to think. Globally-acceptable truth. And there must be top-down control to assure bad thoughts are controlled or obliterated.

For it to work, the rest of us must be convinced or forced to stop thinking or using our own experiences, along with academic and scientific absolutes, to draw our own conclusions.

Once that is established, it is easy to reject morality, and then only a short step to accepting the idea that people of third-world nations should live out their days in total poverty—just for the common good. And by way, eventually it would be good for all of us to live that way too.

It is then just as short journey to accepting euthanasia as a means to rid us of the elderly who are no longer useful for the village. And then, it’s an even shorter step to accepting the final solution of forced abortion for population control.

Gathering the Power of the World Elite

Once Sagar put this idea together, he began to contact world leaders to convince them of his plan. For success, he needed them to be the enforcement hammer. You’ll find on his website a series of letters from world leaders, as they praise and endorse the plan.

One is a letter from none other than Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary General of the UN, affectionately known as the “philosopher” of the UN.

Said Muller in his letter: “I am referring to the need to establish a body of objective, globally acceptable information to serve as a foundation for global education...”

Other supporters include K.B. Mathur, Director General of UNESCO, the man in charge of implementing global education policy in our public schools. There is also Dale Ott, of the World Council of Churches, and many more heads of global and international organizations—the infamous Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs) that are responsible for writing policies and treaties that seep out of the UN and into national law.

Most telling was a quote from a man named Keith Smiley, president of a UN consultant group. He said “The planet and its people have been experiencing an information explosion. The uncontrolled expansion of information is dangerous since it tends to diffuse meaning and purpose.”

And then there is this endorsement from Alexander King—the founder of the Club of Rome. King writes to Sagar, “One aspect of your letter. . . struck me forcibly—it was when you said, ‘it is actually our thought process that is responsible for the predicament we find ourselves in.’” Concluded King, “I couldn’t agree with you more. Unless we find the means to change our thinking I can see little hope in solving the supreme problem for humanity—its impending extinction.”

These powerful people are telling us that humans armed with knowledge are dangerous to the new world order they intend to establish.

The End of Human Progress

No matter what you call it, this is thought control—globally acceptable truth.

Imagine the consequences such thought control could have on the human race.

Thomas Edison wouldn’t have been allowed to even think about such radical changes as alternatives to candle wax in our well-ordered society. The Wright Brothers would have been hanged as heretics for suggesting man could fly. The microcomputer revolution would never have been allowed to happen.

Unthinking acceptance of whatever the lesson plan writers say is true and important is the process by which children are being deliberately “dumbed down” in government schools. The premise of “globally-acceptable truth” is the very root of today’s public-school curriculum.

And the process is working like a well-oiled machine. Americans have been giving up their liberty and way of life with barely a blink of an eye—for decades.

Misleading sound bites are replacing reasoned thought. Just say “Go Green,” and eyes glaze over and people comply. Or, “It’s for the children,” and we give up control to the state. Or, “It’s just to keep you safe,” and we openly encourage the creation of a total surveillance society.

The process is so all-encompassing, so all-pervasive, that most people don’t recognize it.

The End Game

Sagar’s project is the key to understanding what is being done to our society and how it is being implemented—right before our very eyes.

Step by step, we have surrendered the ability to reason and to take responsibility for our own lives—and instead are surrendering control over our lives to government bureaucrats.

The public school system is a major example of the “slow and steady” erosion which has gone on for decades. Compare the textbooks of today to those from 40 or even 20 years ago. The change in focus from academic skills to changing children’s attitudes is why there are now more psychologists on the payroll of public schools than teachers.

But what was once a slow process in the schools, the media, the entertainment industry, and government—moving so slowly that most people didn’t even notice—has become a tsunami.

The ultimate example, one that has actually woken up many people, is the current rush to hand over the literal power of life and death to government controlled “health reform.” The level of surrender required by this plan is absolute. The Secretary of Health & Human Services gets to determine how (and if) your health care will be delivered, and the IRS will plague you if you don’t comply.

Simply by homeschooling, you have taken the first major step towards rescuing your children’s ability to reason. Many such children—and parents—are needed to “fight the future” and bring about a new birth of freedom.

We magazine publishers get all sorts of strange press releases in our email.

The press release to the right should be read alongside or before Mr. DeWeese’s article on Globally Correct Education.

Be aware that, among current education leaders, “pluralism” does NOT mean “appreciation of other cultures.” It means “imposition of a worldview dictated by the global elite.” In a word (two words, actually), global correctness.

“Sustainability” deserves an article all its own. It is the euphemism for soviet-style control of local communities, or “green socialism,” if you prefer. Local citizens will have nothing to say about local land use. More on this in a future issue.

“Innovation,” of course, means “clever ways of foisting this agenda on people who would reject it if they had any idea it existed.”

Public schools and mainstream non-religious textbook publishers have been promoting the various agendas of globally correct education for some time. So have the mass news, marketing, and entertainment media. All this has been done with as little debate as possible, to prevent awareness that there even are any debatable issues.

Classroom teachers and writers of school curriculum are among those who have received the heaviest doses of global correctness in their university training.

So, if you want your children to be truly educated, you and they need to become aware of political topics not covered in the vast majority of popular homeschool civics materials.

I know this isn’t very fun, but in our current political climate where change is rapid and unrelenting, it’s important for us—and our children—to know what’s really going on. And what’s going on, is international plans for controlling the education of every child in the world.

Read and see.—Editor

World Innovation Summit for Education: WISE programme to address 21st-century educational challenges

Doha - November 16, 2009. Her Highness Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al-Missned, Chair of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, will inaugurate the first edition of the World Innovation Summit for Education—WISE—to be held in Doha, Qatar under Her patronage on November 16–18 in [the] Ritz Carlton Hotel.

The final programme for WISE, an initiative of [the] Qatar Foundation, reveals an all-encompassing schedule which has been orchestrated to generate international dialogue and debate over the three days of the Summit. The audience will participate in a series of plenary and breakout sessions that have been designed to explore the three themes of Pluralism, Sustainability and Innovation in education. . . .

Her Highness will deliver the opening address in the presence of 1,000 participants, from the fields of education, politics, the private sector, NGOs, and media from 120 countries.

Eminent speakers will address the Summit, among which [sic] are:

  • Gerhard Schröder, former German Chancellor
  • Kiyotaka Akasaka, Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information, United Nations
  • Sheikha Abdulla Al-Misnad, President, University of Qatar
  • Anthony Salcito, Vice President, Microsoft—Worldwide Education
  • Biz Stone, Co-Founder of Twitter . . .
  • Ruth Dreifuss, Chancellor, University for Peace, former President of the Swiss Confederation (1999).

WISE will trigger a coordinated and comprehensive international effort to address educational challenges of the 21st century. Over 90 world-class speakers and moderators will attend the Summit. Throughout the three days the delegates will pool their expertise, share new ideas, detail best practices in education, and work towards ultimately developing a blueprint for sustainable, innovative, and pluralistic education. . . .

Through the theme of Pluralism, WISE looks to work together towards greater mutual respect and understanding, promote increased access and equality to education, and prepare students for their role as global citizens.

Sustainability focuses on educational systems through funding, governance, meeting needs, and integrating different educational levels.

The theme of Innovation will be explored in the context of facilitating access to information, driving change in content, and anticipating future trends.

The 19 breakout sessions will allow renowned leaders and education specialists to present their visions while engaging with the audience for an interactive experience. These sessions will focus on some of education’s most pressing challenges. These include: “Global Education,” “National Policies,” “Selected Priorities,” “Solutions,” and “Tomorrow’s Education.” . . .

[Six WISE Award] laureates will be honoured at a prestigious Gala Dinner on the second evening of WISE on November 17 in the presence of Her Highness and Ms Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, First Lady of France.

The ultimate goal of WISE is to find constructive ways to turn words into actions in order to collaboratively identify future trends and address current education challenges at local, national and international levels. On November 18 the Closing Plenary Session will serve to draw the Final Declaration which will sum up main conclusions, ideas and determine concrete actions for the next years to come. These conclusions and highlights of the Summit will serve to draft the “WISE Final Report,” as well as help create the WISE follow-up structure. Both will ensure that concepts are converted into measurable actions and that new international collaborations are initiated.

Discover the entire programme on [the] WISE website: www.wise-qatar.org/en/day-1.

The punctuation of this press release has been edited slightly to improve its grammar for American audiences.

Tom DeWeese is the President of the American Policy Center (www.americanpolicy.org) and Editor of The DeWeese Report, and has been an activist for the cause of individual liberty and limited government for more than 40 years.
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