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Every parent is a homeschooler. If you talk to your children, teach them how to hold a spoon, potty train them, read to them . . . you are teaching them at home.

But is there more to homeschooling a young child than just what moms and dads do naturally?

Yes and no. Your child will thrive even if you don’t follow every single checklist and remember every single age-appropriate skill.

But if some great “how tos” and “what to dos” would relieve your mind, here they are!

Start with this infographic and article:

> Basic Preschool Skills infographic - What your toddler needs to know

Top Tips for Teaching Toddlers Very simple, easy intro to what makes the most difference at this age


Perception Training How to train your child’s senses so he will be ready to learn.

Thanks for the Memory! How to train your preschooler’s memory

Preschool Thinking Skills How to begin training your preschooler’s thinking skills

Learning Motor Skills Learning hand/eye coordination.

Types of Tykes: Enjoying Your Little Learner’s Style What are the different learning styles, and how can one tell which is the best for their child?


Turning Junk into Educational Treasures Discover learning readiness resources in your junk box.

Do It Yourself Toys to Help Emerging Readers Toys you can make to help your preschooler learn to read.

Preschool for Pennies How to teach your preschoolers almost for free.

Preschool Prep for Pennies How to do preschool at home inexpensively.

Money Readiness: Play Store Math readiness for 30 cents

Getting Ready for Reading How to help your preschool child be really ready

Getting Ready to Write How to get a preschooler ready for handwriting.

Preschool History Teach your preschooler history!

Science for Tots Teaching science to your preschoolers and getting everyone else involved at the same time.

Music for Tots Teaching preschoolers to sing and play inexpensive instruments.

Toddlercizing at Home Most youngsters can bop ’til you drop, so it’s fun to see how long mom or dad can last.

Make Mom Play Ball: Physical Education for Tots What to think about when designing physical education activities for toddlers.

Special Needs Preschool Resources to help you teach preschoolers with special needs.


Pills Are Not Candy How to reduce the risk of poisoning in our homes

Safety Smart Turn your back for an instant, and your kamikaze kid is exploring a light bulb, playing in the street, or climbing the kitchen cabinets. This all can be avoided by teaching your kid to be safety smart.

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