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Find out about upcoming homeschool events, and year-round opportunities for learning away from home!

Speakers, Camps, Parks, and more!
Find out how to list your cruise, camp, theme park, speaking schedule, or other events or attractions not sponsored by a local homeschool group! Your event could be viewed over 100,000 times per year!

Homeschool Events - All
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Event Name / Sponsor Location Starts
2019 NDHSA Home School Conference ND, US Feb 28, 2019
GHC - Texas Homeschool Convention TX, US Mar 07, 2019
Apache 30th Annual Homeschool Convention IL, US Mar 15, 2019
Teach Them Diligently Convention - Arkansas AR, US Mar 21, 2019
GHC – South Carolina Homeschool Convention SC, US Mar 21, 2019
Maine Homeschool Convention ME, US Mar 21, 2019
2019 VaHomeschoolers Conference and Resource Fair VA, US Mar 22, 2019
Teach Them Diligently Convention - Tennessee TN, US Mar 28, 2019
GHC – Missouri Homeschool Convention MO, US Mar 28, 2019
Teach Them Diligently Convention - Texas TX, US Apr 11, 2019
Teach Them Diligently Convention - Georgia GA, US Apr 25, 2019
GHC – Ohio Homeschool Convention OH, US Apr 25, 2019
Oklahoma Christian Home Educators Convention OK, US May 03, 2019
Teach Them Diligently Convention - Alabama AL, US May 09, 2019
Teach Them Diligently Convention - Colorado CO, US May 23, 2019
Teach Them Diligently Convention - Ohio OH, US May 30, 2019
36th Annual Virginia Homeschool Convention VA, US Jun 06, 2019
GHC - California Homeschool Convention CA, US Jun 13, 2019
AFHE Homeschool Convention AZ, US Jul 19, 2019
Southeast Homeschool Expo GA, US Jul 26, 2019
GHC – New York Homeschool Convention NY, US Aug 01, 2019
GHC – Florida Homeschool Convention FL, US Aug 08, 2019
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