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American History 1 & 2 (2 Guides)

World and U.S. Map

Weights and Measures

Kitchen Tricks and Tips

Introduction to Music

American History 1 & 2 (2 Guides) (BCAH)
American History 1 is a timeline of American History from 1492 through 1877. American History 2 covers from the aftermath of the Civil War to the present  $13.90

World and U.S. Map (BCMAP)
This four-page chart has a U.S. map on one side and a world map on the other. A good quick reference  $6.95

Weights and Measures (BCWM)
A table of every English and Metric weight and measure you can possibly think of, including: length, volume-liquid and dry, mass/weight, temperature, and more; plus sizes of nails, screws, and lumber  $6.95

Kitchen Tricks and Tips (BCKTT)
Informative, money-saving hints for keeping safe and healthy in the kitchen, whether cooking or baking, or cleaning up afterward  $4.95

Introduction to Music (BCIM)
A comprehensive summary of how music is constructed, composed and performed  $4.95

Expository Essay (BCEE)
How to develop and write an expository essay  $4.95

Declaration of Independence (BCDI)
The complete text of the Declaration of Independence plus the Mayflower Compact and the Gettysburg Address  $6.95

Chef's Guide to Stocks & Sauces (BCCGSS)
Everything you need to know to make tasty stocks and sauces  $4.95

Chef's Guide to Herbs & Spices (BCCGHS)
Everything you need to know about herbs and spices all in one place  $6.95

American Sign Language (BCASL)
A summary of everything you would learn in an ASL level 1 course  $6.95

Argumentative Essay (BCAE)
Presents the essentials of how to produce an argumentative or persuasive essay  $6.95

Gardening (BCG)
For gardeners at any level -- all the information you need to start a garden in your yard. The guide is waterproof, so you can use it wherever you garden.  $5.95

The Greenie (GR)
This parable of how "love of nature" is a good idea that can sometimes go too far is a welcome antidote to the eco-radicalism which permeates so many children's books. Fully illustrated in cartoon style by a former Disney artist. Perfect for coloring in.  $9.00

Handoff (HO)
Dr. Jeff Myers* reveals the secrets of those who successfully mentor godly leaders, and how to pass this gift to your children when the whole world seems to want them to do nothing with their lives but whine, slack, or (even worse) fight for the WRONG causes.  SALE PRICE: $5.00

The Way Home, 25th Anniversary Edition (TWH)
The wait is over! Read the book that clears away the confusion from what God expects of Christian wives. A bestseller when it first came out, this 25th Anniversary Edition includes a new Preface and Afterthoughts you just have to read. Buy one for yourself, and more for your daughters!  $12.99

Home Schooling on a Shoe String (HOS)
This 376-page book, co-authored by Practical Homeschooling columnist Melissa Morgan, is packed cover-to-cover with great advice and hundreds of tips to help you homeschool for less.  $17.99

Stain Removal (BCSTN)
How to get any stain off any surface. You could watch entire seasons of "household how-to" TV shows and fill a shelf with books, only to end up with LESS information than on this handy laminated guide. Organized beautifully, too, first by type of item that is stained, then by the stain. Often several choices are offered for the same stain, so you can choose the one for which you have cleaning materials on hand.  $4.95

Learn to Crochet (BCCRO)
Oversized illustrations in full color teach all the basic techniques. It's SO much easier to see what to do with illustrations this size! Great gift.  $5.95

Learn to Knit (BCKNIT)
Oversized illustrations in full color teach all the basic techniques, explain how to solve common problems for beginning knitters. Great gift!  $5.95

Chef’s Companion (BCCHEF)
What can you substitute for that missing essential ingredient? What quantities are equivalent? Safe cooking temperatures, by type of meat and weight. How long you can safely store dozens of foods in the refrigerator or freezer. Party planning chart. So much more!  $6.95

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