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The Greenie


The Way Home, 25th Anniversary Edition

Home Schooling on a Shoe String

Stain Removal

The Greenie (GR)
This parable of how "love of nature" is a good idea that can sometimes go too far is a welcome antidote to the eco-radicalism which permeates so many children's books. Fully illustrated in cartoon style by a former Disney artist. Perfect for coloring in.  $9.00

Handoff (HO)
Dr. Jeff Myers* reveals the secrets of those who successfully mentor godly leaders, and how to pass this gift to your children when the whole world seems to want them to do nothing with their lives but whine, slack, or (even worse) fight for the WRONG causes.  SALE PRICE: $5.00

The Way Home, 25th Anniversary Edition (TWH)
The wait is over! Read the book that clears away the confusion from what God expects of Christian wives. A bestseller when it first came out, this 25th Anniversary Edition includes a new Preface and Afterthoughts you just have to read. Buy one for yourself, and more for your daughters!  $12.99

Home Schooling on a Shoe String (HOS)
This 376-page book, co-authored by Practical Homeschooling columnist Melissa Morgan, is packed cover-to-cover with great advice and hundreds of tips to help you homeschool for less.  $17.99

Stain Removal (BCSTN)
How to get any stain off any surface. You could watch entire seasons of "household how-to" TV shows and fill a shelf with books, only to end up with LESS information than on this handy laminated guide. Organized beautifully, too, first by type of item that is stained, then by the stain. Often several choices are offered for the same stain, so you can choose the one for which you have cleaning materials on hand.  $4.95

Learn to Crochet (BCCRO)
Oversized illustrations in full color teach all the basic techniques. It's SO much easier to see what to do with illustrations this size! Great gift.  $5.95

Learn to Knit (BCKNIT)
Oversized illustrations in full color teach all the basic techniques, explain how to solve common problems for beginning knitters. Great gift!  $5.95

Chef’s Companion (BCCHEF)
What can you substitute for that missing essential ingredient? What quantities are equivalent? Safe cooking temperatures, by type of meat and weight. How long you can safely store dozens of foods in the refrigerator or freezer. Party planning chart. So much more!  $4.95

Vitamins & Minerals (BCVIT)
A handy chart that shows, for each vitamin and mineral, the best natural sources, food combinations, deficiency symptoms, and toxicity symptoms. Plus, for your personal information, what dosages of which are recommended for specific diseases and dysfunctions, and which vitamins and minerals react adversely with which popular drugs.  $5.95

Med. Terminology: Basics & Body (2 guides) (BCMED)
The Basics teaches how medical words are constructed, then provides the roots, prefixes, and suffixes, with definitions, used to create all those scary words. Words are further broken down into directional terms, numerical values, surgical prodedures, diagnostic procedures, pathogens, and much more. Plus 3+ oversized panels of terms, all defined. The Body defines the components of each bodily system and provides mini-glossaries associated with each system.  $11.90

Business Terminology (BCBIZ)
All the terms you need to understand basic business courses and books about business, defined in alphabetical order. What exactly IS the "business cycle" or "LIFO inventory"? Now you'll know! Perfect for future entrepreneurs and business majors.  $5.95

Spanish Verbs & Conversation (2 guides) (BCSPV)
Spanish Verbs teaches verb components, verb types, how to conjugate, plus hundreds of alphabetized verbs. Spanish Conversation shows how to create grammatically correct Spanish sentences via a unique method of color coding. Also included: Spanish pronunciation, and tons of words efficiently broken down into categories and subcategories.  $11.90

Latin Grammar & Vocabulary (2 guides) (BCLGV)
The Latin Grammar guide contains alphabet, numerals, ordinals, cases, word order, noun declensions, pronouns, comparatives, superlatives. All the verb declensions. The Latin Vocubulary guide has cardinal numbers, ordinal numbers, colors, months, greetings, seasons, expressions of time, food, family/household words, jewelry, general nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs. And much more!  $9.90

Macroeconomics & Microeconomics (2 guides) (BCECO)
Taking AP Macroeconomics and/or Microeconomics? You need these two guides. They explain the facts, the math, and the terminology in a highly visual, compact way. You'll finally understand what all those curves mean.  $11.90

America: 50 States (BC50)
A USA map, plus facts about every state in the union, plus D.C. Name origin, nickname, capital, date it enterd the union, size, state song, state motto, state bird/flower/tree/gem/insect/beverage/etc, plus the state flag.  $4.95

APA/MLA Guidelines (correct style for term papers) (BCSTYL)
The rules of style and formatting established by, respectively, the American Psychological Association and the Modern Language Association. Using the correct style is especially important when it comes to citations and footnotes, but also applies to how the paper is laid out and how certain punctuation issues are handled.  $5.95

Statistics (BCSTAT)
All those scary formulas, graphing techniques, terminology, and more. Nifty charts for calculating normal curve areas, critical values of f, and critical values of t. Explanations of all the main ideas taught in a typical statistics course.  $5.95

Lab Basics: Bio & Chem (2 guides) (BCLAB)
Bio Lab Basics presents scientific method, measurements, how-tos of microscopy, thumbnails of essential biology concepts. Chem Lab Basics presents useful chemical facts, a simple periodic table, lab units and conversion factors, and how to prepare a solution.  $9.90

Microbiology (BCMIC)
Highly visual (lots of full color illustrations, charts and graphs) review of major facts, terms, history, and processes in microbiology.  $4.95

The Harsh Truth About Public Schools (HT)
All the facts, all the footnotes to back them up. Save a generation of Christian kids before it's too late.  $22.00

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