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Creed of a Christian Homeschooler

By Dorlean Sechayl
Printed in Practical Homeschooling #50, 2002.

This creed would be a wonderful addition to your homeschool.
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Even if . . .

Even if the public schools could offer an environment free of conflicts, fighting, bullying, and name-calling . . .

Even if they could promise my child would never face a gun or knife, or emotional attacks and torment, and thus was safe there in body and soul . . .

If they could guarantee a good quality academic education, and that my child would learn the three R’s . . .

And that they would learn to be disciplined, polite and well mannered . . .

If they could prove my child would not be ruled by mob rule, but would learn to be a critical thinker, having the highest morality toward their fellowman and being logically consistent in their lives . . .

And if they could prove that putting them in public groups would not degenerate to the lowest common factor, but would cause them to be positively influenced by their peers to do good works . . .

Even if they could prove that their students were self-confident, having a wholesome self-image and a spirit of cooperation, being instilled with a desire to succeed, encourage and help their fellowman . . .

If they were trustworthy monetarily, thrifty, full of selflessness and the desire to help, rather than the desire to profit at others’ expense . . .

If they defended the defenseless and weak, and stood up for those who were being wronged

If they were hard-working, honest, dedicated and expected to earn their living . . .

If they honored their ancestors and founders who bought them their freedoms, and were filled with a sense of civic duty and reverence for those who had gone before, and those who paid the ultimate price of their lives for them . . .

If the public school offered them the best in athletic opportunities, so that they could pursue the best for their bodies as well as their minds . . .

If they were so schooled as to freely choose not to ‘explore their sexuality’ but to remain chaste for marriage, and not fill the abortion mills with their offspring . . .

In short.. if much of the evils and wrongs were righted within the public system . . .

I would STILL homeschool mine!

Because, ultimately.. that system will never cause a child to know the wonder of the God who created all things . . .

Or teach Him to love the Lord His God with all His heart and mind and soul and strength.. and then love his neighbor as himself.

Being a Christian isn’t just for Sunday, but built into all of life, the warp and woof of every subject, every approach to learning . . .

All the neighbor love, safety, discipline, academics, and ethics would never replace that which a Christian educator prizes most highly . . .

A child who knows and serves The One Living LORD of ALL, and sees and approaches life through His eyes and perspective.

When a Christian homeschools, they are preparing their children to find and follow the call of God on their lives.

They want them to fulfill the purpose God has for them.

Any education lacking God will lack His direction, and miss that purpose.

If you are homeschooling for Jesus . . .

When someone asks you why you homeschool . . .

Remember to put first things first, and say it is because GOD must be first in any school your child attends, not for any of the other reasons.

Stand up and be counted . . . for HIM.
I was thinking of the founders of the USA when I wrote about those that purchased our freedom.
America has a special place in history that way . . . and has been a beacon of hope and a guiding light to many nations.

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