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High School - time to take the subjects you will need for college or vocation

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High School

If you’re looking for “how to get into college” advice, check out our College & Career section.

If you’re looking for suggestions on what to do in high school and how to do it, you’re at the right place!


The Rules of High School are Changing Learn what you need to know about new graduation requirements and more.

Top-Ten Lists for High School Top ten eyeopening books, life skills resources, documentaries, and more!

How to Write a Mission Statement While in Your Teens Help your teens express their mission in writing


The Logic Level For those who follow the Classical method, ten things to do from ages 13–15.

Think Classical in High School Includes suggested course of study for grades 9–12.

Montessori High Montessori education is not just for preschool anymore.

Abolish High School? It’s possible to get into college without high school.


The Freshman Year of High School: Keep It Real How to have a successful freshman year of high school.

The Sophomore Year of High School: Emerging Butterflies What should our goals be for the sophomore year of high school?

The Critical Junior Year Planning the eventful junior year of high school.

Senior Year: The Final Lap The last year of homeschool, graduation and on to college


Test Savvy How to get ready for the tests high-school kids take.

PSAT/SAT/ACT and National Merit Should you take the PSAT, the SAT, or the ACT? How do you prepare, and why should you care about these National Merit tests?

Time to Think About College Board Testing... The PSAT, the SAT I and SAT II, what to do about them, and why you should care.


Turbo-Charge Your High School Academics ...and maybe rake in big scholarships.

How to Teach Good Writing Without an English Degree Amanda breaks down what you need to know in order to teach college-ready writing skills.

Teaching Algebra: The Search for X How and why to teach algebra.

Teaching Geometry: Measuring Up, Proving Yourself Geometry: the first pure math course.

Advanced Math: Trig, PreCalc, and more! Advanced Math: the bridge to Calculus.

Calculus: The Bridge to College Math and Science

Statistics Can Be Sweet Everything you need to learn about homeschooling your kids in statistics.

High School Science When to start, which subjects to teach.

High School Biology What you need to know before teaching high-school biology.

High School Chemistry Things to consider when teaching high school lab chemistry.

Teaching Physics at Home How to succeed at teaching high school physics.

Why You Need Lab Science Your teen needs lab science. Here's why...

California Versus Christian Textbooks The California University system has decided that certain Christian textbooks are unacceptable.


Choosing the Best High School Activities How to pick extracurricular activities that enhance your college chances.

The Benefits of Debate Your children already know how to argue. Teach them to argue constructively

Contests in Your Curriculum How contests can enhance your homeschool.

Inspire Greatness: Be a Special Olympics Volunteer Kristin tells of her experiences volunteering with the Special Olympics.

How a Teen Can Learn Civic Leadership Kristin tells of the rewards for homeschoolers who get involved in government.

Build a Winning Resume with Volunteer Community Service How to build your resume doing volunteer work.

Civil Air Patrol Wants You! Magda Pride tells what Civil Air Patrol can add to your homeschool.

My Mountain-Top Experience Gregory Pride describes his two weeks at Summit Ministries Christian worldview seminar.

Driver Education Homeschooled kids can get in driving accidents too. Here's how to do driver's ed right.

It’s National Novel Writing Month! Write a 50,000 word novel in a month? Over 9,000 people did it last year. Discover how you can do it, too.

People to People Student Ambassadors How you can travel to foreign lands, meet important people and everyday folks aronund the world, and get a fabulous item for your transcript.

Shooting Sports for Homeschoolers Improve your hand/eye coordination and have a great time shooting targets and clay disks. Olympics, anyone?


High School During the Depression Learn what high school was like during the Great Depression. Eyewitness account from Sam Blumenfeld, who was there!

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