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Build Homeschool Traffic with a Link from Your State Page on HOMESCHOOL WORLD!

As the most popular general-purpose homeschool site in the world, we have millions of visitors per year. And thousands of those visit the page for YOUR state!

Each groups page on our site attracts thousands - or in some cases, tens of thousands - of visitors per year. The Texas page was viewed over 40,000 times last year!

See the pricing and options on our secure online Insertion Form!

Why Advertise on Your State Page?

If you have a local attraction of year-round interest to homeschoolers (e.g., a museum) or offer classes for homeschoolers (e.g., piano lessons or martial arts), or have an annual event (e.g., a Renaissance Faire), an ad on your state's page can benefit you. Resorts and other attractions seeking "off-season" customers also frequently advertise with us.

Get that famous homeschooler "word of mouth" going by letting thousands of homeschoolers in YOUR state know about your attraction, classes, or event! It's as little as $40 for 6 months. That's less than it would cost you to photocopy and mail a flyer to just 50 local families!

See the pricing and options on our secure online Insertion Form!

Attention, Teacher Stores!

Ask yourself this: How much is a new homeschool customer worth to YOUR store?

The typical homeschool family spends $575 per child per year on curriculum. With an average 3.5 children per family, that's close to $2,000/year. Depending on how much homeschool curriculum, workbooks, and educational games popular with homeschoolers you carry in your store, a significant amount of that could be yours.

An ad for an entire year on your state page could be as little as $75.

In other words, just ONE new homeschool family customer could pay for your ad on our site many times over. And THOUSANDS of homeschoolers will see your ad!

See the pricing and options on our secure online Insertion Form!


Just fill out our secure online Insertion Form. (If you prefer, you can also print it out and then fax, or mail with a check.) It only takes about 2 minutes. Most ads go up within 1 to 2 business days. Ads are placed on the page in order of size and of payment date, so don't delay - get the best position possible by signing up right now!

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