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Spain Homeschool Groups

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homeschool support groups in spain
Association for Freedom in Education (ALE) Asociación para la Libre Educación Edit Remove More
c/Isabel de Villena, 50 Plt 2, 3ª Pta 4 - CP 12540 Vila-Real Castellon, SPAIN
Contact: Darag Mc Inerney or Ana Pérez Rodríguez
Phone: 00 34 691 48 97 06 or 00 34 691 48 97 05
Email: educacionlibre@educacionlibre.org
A Spanish association that links families and individuals who believe that homeschooling is a responsible and adequate option for their children's education. Our objectives include the formation of a family support network, and the explicit acknowledgement of this option by the administrative authorities, as happens in countries of Europe and the world.

Educar en Familia Edit Remove More
Email: info@educarenfamilia.org
Educar en familia is a civil rights movement that states for the recognition and regulation of homeschooling in Catalonia, an autonomous region in Spain. It also serves as a link between homeschooling families in the area Read more...

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