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Peru Homeschool Groups

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homeschool support groups in peru
Berea Homeschool Peru Edit Remove More
Lima, Peru
Contact: Melanie Stell
Phone: 00511-6512081
Email: escuela.en.casa.peru@gmail.com
Started at the beginning of 2013, the group is slowly growing and by Aug 2013 we have almost 50 families homeschooling in Lima, and a few more around Peru. We meet every 2 weeks, doing activities such as trips, science experiments, art, playing in parks etc. Most of our members are Christian families, but not all and we welcome all homeschooling families to join us.

Homeschooling Perú Edit Remove More
Trujillo, La Libertad, Perú
Contact: Vicky Rengifo
Phone: 948299736
Email: homeschoolingperu@gmail.com
Grupo homeschooler que fomenta el aprendizaje autónomo libre de escolaridad.

Piensa en Acción Edit Remove More
San Isidro - Lima
Contact: Ma Verónica Leddihn
Phone: +51 01 222 48 46
Email: piensahomeschooling@gmail.com
Piensa en Acción es un grupo de encuentro para familias que han optado por la educación en casa. Nos reunimos para compartir y enriquecernos mutuamente. Read more...

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