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The Oaks Private School
We accept enrollment throughout the US. Based in Florida
Contact: Marilyn Bennett
Phone: (866) 998-TOPS or (954) 535-2695

Why should I enroll my child in The Oaks Private School?

In making the choice to homeschool, an important consideration is whether to enroll your child in a "umbrella" school for administrative accountability and academic management assistance.

PRIVACY - When you enroll with TOPS, you DO NOT have to interact directly with your local school district. In fact, you have no required direct contact with any government employee. Your child is a member of The Oaks Private School ... your child's records are private!

ACCOUNTABILITY - Through the quarterly reports of attendance, work accomplished, and grades earned, TOPS vouches for you and your program. You can be confident about meeting educational goals for your child by working together with experienced homeschooling staff who are dedicated to supporting your parental and educatonal rights.

EXPERIENCE - TOPS staff has more than 40 years of experience in classroom education and homeschooling upon which families can draw, thereby avoiding many common mistakes. Both veteran and beginning homeschoolers can benefit from this large pool of experience.

RESOURCES - Because of our corporate status, TOPS has accounts with suppliers and vendors and some of the companies offer discounts on textbooks, science equipment, videos, etc. which we are able to pass on to you.

CREDENTIALS - TOPS issues transcripts and earned diplomas with the school seal attached. We will establish articulation agreements with community colleges and universities in your area for dual enrollment as needed.

CAREER PLANNING - The staff of TOPS has given their lives to Christian education through many venues. The knowledge gained in such specialties as Creation Science, Graphic Design, Financial Planning, Information Technology, Agri-Business, Broadcast Media and Ministries will be available to your children as they consider their future careers.

ACTIVITIES - TOPS students may participate in state and national activity groups like the National Beta Club. We also encourage parents to join local support groups and search out activities such as Boy & Girl Scouts of America, YMCA, church groups, etc., for opportunities to participate.

CURRENCY - TOPS staff attend workshops, seminars, and conventions each year to network and stay up-to-date on new programs, curriculum, ideas, and any changes in applicable laws.

OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU ... we are here to help you as you begin - or continue - home education of your child. We consider it our Mission to assist you in your adventure into the world of Homeschooling.

Ryan & Marilyn Bennett
Founder & Director
The Oaks Private School

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