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Idaho Homeschool Organizations and Support Groups
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Twin Falls Homeschoolers & Unschoolers
Twin Falls, ID 83301
Contact: Wendy Koffer

We're a group of parents and families with kids who don't attend traditional school. We may unschool, homeschool, learn online, or world school!

We welcome diversity! Parents here may be single, married, alternative, traditional, LGBT, religious, spiritual, Atheist, or agnostic, liberal, moderate or conservative.

We invite parents and families from all backgrounds to join us! We value free access to education, open-mindedness, respect and tolerance for others, compassion, kindness, and community.

None of us know the only right way for everyone! It takes a village and a colorful assortment of thoughts and ideas to grow and be strong.

We are respectful of one another's beliefs and choices and recognize we can all coexist. <3

Posts about homeschooling, unschooling, local resources for education and entertainment, parent meetups, links to education-parent-school themed articles and studies, homeschool co-ops, curriculum, events for group members and other related topics are welcome. *Please no exchange student recruitment, MLM or home party posts here.*

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