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Georgia Homeschool Organizations and Support Groups
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Christian Home Educators of Habersham
150 Eastwinds Dr, Cornelia, GA 30531
Contact: Nicole Frady
Phone: (706) 968-0985

About Us
CHEH exists in order to support Christian, homeschooling parents. The heart of our group is to encourage one another as we journey on this homeschooling path. We all have two things in common: we love Jesus and we homeschool our children. Within those commonalities, we have a wonderfully diverse bunch of homeschooling families. We have those who are very scheduled and use traditional curriculum, we have a bunch of eclectic homeschoolers, we have those who are particularly attached to one method or another, and we even have those who prefer a more child delight-directed education (commonly known as un-schooling.) We have traditional families, families who have adopted or fostered children in need, step-families, and grandparents raising grandchildren. We have children ranging in age from newborn to completely grown with grandchildren (and some of us have children spanning that whole gamut!) We have very large families with eight and more children, and we have families with only one or two children. In other words, whatever methods you use to teach your children, no matter the size of your family or your special circumstances, you fit in this group.

Over the years we have seen the corollary that those who put the most in also get the most out of the group. This is not universally true. Some families are just not able to participate in many of the events, and we recognize that. Some families participate more in the forum than they do in person, and that is okay, too. I want to encourage those of you who are new to the group to make an effort to come and get to know some of the families here. There is a wealth of encouragement and information to be had in a simple conversation with another mom or dad. Perhaps you are a veteran homeschooler and are pressed for time. Please consider how you might bless another family with your testimony and encouragement. Sometimes the biggest blessing is just connecting with someone who has walked the path you are walking. Homeschooling is not easy. We can all use all the encouragement we can get!

If you are new to the group, or if you have never taken the opportunity to be involved, I want to extend a special invitation to you to come to our annual kick-off picnic, informally called our “Kicknic.” Bring a dish to share and a drink. We will provide paper goods and ice. Come ready to meet some new folks and to possibly lay the foundation for friendships that will last decades. The nuts and bolts of parent support are in relationship, and relationship requires an investment. It does not have to be a huge commitment. We are not asking that you sign up for every event, but we would gently exhort you to look at the calendar and to pick a handful of events this year where you will have the opportunity to build some relationships.

We have restructured park days this year to try to allow more people to attend. Those with small children will appreciate the new earlier time that will allow you to get your little people home in time for a nap. Those of us with older children who work in the afternoons will be able to bring them along to the park, too. Park days are wonderful times for moms and dads to connect. Contrary to what our children may think, park days are really for parents!

It is our sincere desire that we meet your needs in the up-coming year. Please let us know—either in the forum or by direct email to your board members—what we can do to help you or to encourage you.

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