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Florida Homeschool Organizations and Support Groups
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Tampa Multilingual Homeschool Facebook Community
Tampa, FL
Contact: Marion Haase
Phone: (713) 408-0597

This facebook community is intended for those homeschooling/unschooling children of all ages in a bilingual (or multilingual) environment in Tampa and surrounding areas. All languages welcome. Here we can swap bilingual/multilingual life/learning ideas, create multilingual events, and create co-ops that will facilitate bilingualism/multilingualism in our families.

Marion Haase provides a free group 1x/week for kids ages 2-5, called "¬°Jugando Aprendemos!" where kids learn about a topic using art, live music engagement, games, and more. The class is 100% in Spanish, but those who don't speak the language are able to use the many context clues to figure out what is going on and still have a lot of fun! To see upcoming events for this group, please go to this link:

Several parents in the group have expressed interest in meeting more frequently and learning in Spanish as a group with the aim of becoming bilingual. As this develops, I will update this posting.

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