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New York Homeschool Organizations and Support Groups
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Niagara Community LEAH
Niagara and Erie County Regions of New York
Contact: Robert Dallmann
Phone: (716) 283-1444
Email: Form / Contact Page

Niagara Community LEAH is a local community of Christian home school families. Our primary goal as parents is to glorify Jesus Christ, and with God's help to raise our children to desire to do the same. We believe that God has appointed us the task of educating our children. As a community of believers we wish to connect with other like-minded parents for the purpose of encouraging each other in our God-given calling.


The following list represents different aspects of our ministry. Please note that not all of these things are available at all times. We make activities available as the Lord leads and provides. Activities and availability are subject to change.

Here are some of the activities that have been available in the past and that may or may not be available at present:

Yahoo Group - Our Yahoo Group is an important feature of NC LEAH. Here we keep up-to-date regarding announcements, deadlines, regulations, resources, field trip opportunities, meetings, questions and ideas.

Monthly Meetings - These monthly evening meetings are intended to connect our families via seasonal socials, educationally-fun activities, or prayer and share visits.

Prayer and Share Visits - These visits for parents of our families are hosted in designated homes of our member families and are designed to encourage edifying discussion and meaningful times of prayer. Fun food is also a drawing factor.

Co-op - Our group usually offers a co-op program that brings participating families together approximately twice per month, September through June. There is a lot of room for creativity in what is offered through the contributions of volunteering parents. Parents work co-operatively teaching and/or assisting in a wide array of classes.

Field Trips - Mothers scout out the community and surrounding area for field trip opportunities that allow for families to mingle and share educational experiences together for occasional daytime or afternoon excursions.

Dramas and Christmas Programs: - In conjunction with our co-op we have offered featured presentations by our youth. Smaller projects with the younger children have generally been in connection with our Christmas program.

Friendly Competitions - In a family friendly atmosphere we have on occasion conducted "Spelling Bees", "Bible Bees", "Geography Bees", and such. Everyone trying their best and having a good attitude has contributed to evenings of meaningful fun.

Fairs - Other local Leah chapters have extended invitations our way to participate with their groups in Science Fairs, Art Fairs, and Book Fairs.

And More - God's blessing and grace is shared among us when we stand united in our desire to honor Him and each other genuinely from true hearts.

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