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What's in Practical Homeschooling #94?


  • Our big "College" guide gives details of 31 things homeschoolers and their families need to know about college, from the possibilities and pitfalls of dual enrollment, to AP v. CLEP, to careers WITHOUT college, and more!
  • The 19 goals of highly effective (e.g., NOT public-school) socialization
  • Want to see what a really organized homeschool looks like? Spend a day with this Michigan family!
  • Homeschool girl graduates college with THREE diplomas. Six winning homeschool artists. Three homeschool teams are the BEST!
  • Your chance to vote in the 2010 Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards!


  • Classical education expert Diane Lockman shows how to turn your shy son or daughter into an eloquent public speaker in five minutes a day.
  • Best-selling science author Janice VanCleave teaches kids what the scientific method is all about. Bonus: sample experiment!
  • Don Aslett, the world's #1 cleaning and time-management expert, with a message homeschool moms should love - why housework is "man's work," too!
  • Melissa Morgan, co-author of Homeschooling on a Shoestring, with fun and inexpensive physical education ideas for toddlers.
  • Education expert Sam Blumenfeld explores the connection between homeschooling and future success in love.
  • Jeannette Webb, recipient of the Presidential Scholar Distinguished Teacher Award and expert at getting kids into top colleges, reveals how we can help our kids discover their passion.
  • Homeschool dad Bill Pride thinks it's time to give homeschool teachers the appreciation they deserve.


  • "Social media" your way to poison prevention.
  • Something we really don't want to see more of: Are Texas schools labeling dropouts as "homeschoolers"?
  • Did you know that, in the past 30 years, public-school employment rose 10 times faster than public-school enrollment? Chew on this come bailout time.
  • Everyone wants kids to become more entrepreneurial. If only there was some way they could learn to take more responsibility for their own success. (With 2 sources of curriculum that teaches entrepreneurship.)
  • How to make flossing fun for your kids.


  • Device that helps kids "hear" their reading and accents
  • King Alfred's English
  • Something new: a lapbook unit study!
  • Detailed look at Rod & Staff Social Studies curriculum for grades 2-7


  • Contests for subscribers with awesome prizes!
  • Envelope Gallery of kids' art
  • Ads with special offers


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