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What’s in the Current Issue of Practical Homeschooling?


  • Could 2021 be a really great year for homeschooling?
  • An Indiana mom with four young kids shares how she adapted her homeschooling since the start of COVID
  • What is “lean scheduling”? When crisis or challenges strike your life, how can it help you homeschool & carry on?
  • Discover your child’s homeschool personality & how to adjust his or her education to fit
  • How and why you might want to try creating your own curriculum, starting with just one subject.
  • A “Big Project” is a wonderful way to tie together your student’s interests with multiple academics and skills. Here is an inspiring example.
  • 3-month day-by-day calendar of fun or inspiring holidays. Pick some to celebrate, and add zest to your homeschool!


  • Mary Pride encourages those who aren’t homeschooling yet to enjoy the sweet taste of educational freedom
  • Attorney Antony Kolenc recounts the major homeschool legal challenges of 2020
  • Emily Redman is incredibly creative with puppets. Find out how to create your own google-eyed “adjunct instructors”!
  • Melissa Morgan has micro-ministry ideas that can be done “at a distance”
  • Melissa Williamson shares how to turn your family tree into a natural “hook” to entice your kids to love history
  • College-prep expert Dr. Kuni Beasley lays out how college via distance learning actually confers an advantage on homeschoolers—and if the “big name” universities are still worth it under these circumstances
  • Janice Campbell gleans a lesson from Denmark on how to love the dark days of winter


  • New resource for teaching kids to be safe around trains and tracks
  • Free online American History course, more!
  • The number for what’s happening to state budgets—and how homeschooling can help


  • “Early Moderns” is the final unit in the four-year “Old Western Culture” double-credit high-school course. And it goes out with a bang! Find out why we loved it.


  • Construction kits lend themselves to not only hours of fun, but serious learning as well. We review four of the best.


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