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What’s in the Current Issue of Practical Homeschooling?


  • Where to cast your votes for the 2018 Practical Homeschooling® Reader Awards™ and i-Learn Awards™ - maybe win an AWESOME prize!
  • Top tips on how to keep the holidays from wrecking your homeschooling, and your homeschooling from wrecking the holidays. Includes a helpful week-by-week calendar.
  • Meet the educational superstar who is making it EASY for families to find out the very latest science of how children learn best
  • How & why to homeschool a child with autism. Some GREAT tips!
  • A UK family shares their homeschool day.


  • Attorney Antony Kolenc has details (by state) on whether homeschoolers can take advantage of public-school extracurriculars
  • Magda Jackson on how to tell when your preschooler needs a break
  • Melissa Morgan’s recipe for teaching little & elementary kids what they need to know about the large topic of “health”
  • Bess Wuertz explains how to use the story of “how cultures communicate” to introduce your kids to all of human history & culture . . . the “Montessori way”!
  • Joyce Burges has “veteran mom” insight on how to build character in your tweens
  • College-prep expert Dr. Kuni Beasley breaks down what you need to know about the impact of the new SAT & ACT exams
  • Janice Campbell shows us how to wind down the year with purpose & peace


  • New study makes it crystal clear WHY we can never have too many books
  • Homeschooling in the military - latest facts & trends
  • Tablets in schools - one serious downside


  • Homeschooler wins the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes


  • Everyone’s talking about Teaching from Rest. What makes this new homeschool book so popular?
  • STEM kits & activity guides galore, for your home or co-op


  • Board book gives an inside look at Classical Conversations
  • Activity book makes teaching your kids about gardening, farmer’s markets, & entrepreneurship easy & fun
  • A book to motivate a kid who loves sports to also get into math & science
  • Fine-motor skills practice with these books from Kumon
  • The basics of fiber crafts - sewing, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, & weaving - all colorfully illustrated, with 3 easy projects for each
  • Got cardboard? Now you can teach your kids basic engineering principles with this highly illustrated book of projects
  • Coffee-table art book that actually teaches kids art history in a whole new way
  • Best way we’ve seen to teach basics of analog/digital electronic engineering to kids, in book form. Includes where to get all needed materials.


  • Contests for subscribers with awesome prizes!
  • Envelope Gallery of kids’ art
  • Ads with special offers

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