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What’s in the Current Issue of Practical Homeschooling?


  • Let us know what products you’d like to see on the 2023 Reader Awards and i-Learn Awards ballots . . . and maybe win a prize!
  • Need a boost to get ready for the Spring semester? Here are tips to help get you refreshed & energized!
  • Emily Redman outlines some strategies for family service projects during the holidays and beyond
  • Journaling is a great way to record what you did in homeschool. Journaling WITH your child is also a great way to bond. Here’s how to make it beautiful.
  • Have a challenged learner? The problem may be his eyesight! What to do.
  • Jen Keefe explains how she created socialization opportunities for her homeschool kids
  • You can’t be everywhere doing everything at once! Melissa Morgan shares five coping strategies that help the overwhelmed.
  • Share the homeschool day of a “holiday schooling” family, a military family, and a family with 9 children


  • Mary Pride on how to build calm into your home
  • Attorney Antony Kolenc answers the question, “Who can legally homeschool my children?”
  • Emily Redman has some great ideas for preschool communication skills
  • Mom of 9 great readers with super practical advice for phonics success
  • Melissa Williamson explains how to have fun teaching your middle schoolers about poems & play
  • Cindy LaJoy outlines the adjustments that need to be made to teach a special-needs high-school student at home
  • Dr. Kuni Beasley tells how to craft an effective college-application essay
  • Janice Campbell helps us relax with the poetry of winter


  • What is Education 4.0?
  • What is the “Big Blur”?
  • What in the world is “SHTEM”?
  • The scary news about changes in student absenteeism and bad behavior
  • Remote learning in government schools: boom or bust?


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