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What's in Practical Homeschooling #60?


  • Your chance to VOTE in the 2004 Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards. The ballot is in the issue!
  • The Marketing of Evil: an award-winning journalist clues us in on the companies who both invent and drag down the "youth culture"
  • The fascinating world of fan fiction: a homeschooled teen explains how you can write about your favorite characters, and instantly "publish" your work
  • "Day at Our House" diaries from a 12-year-old Wisconsin girl and a Maryland mom
  • A festival for homeschool choirs -- really!


  • How to get organized on a budget. By Melissa Morgan, co-author of Homeschooling on a Shoestring
  • Forgotten American History: how Harvard University became liberal. By education expert Sam Blumenfeld
  • How laughter and movement help uptight kids learn better. By unit-studies and co-op pioneer Jessica Hulcy, co-author of the KONOS Curriculum
  • Need sponsors for your trip, event, or group? Here's how to get them. By homeschooler Kristin Hamerski, Miss Alaska National Teen-Ager 2004
  • Your roadmap to speedy, accurate spelling. By Michael Maloney, founder of the Quinte Learning Centers in Canada and winner of the Canada Post National Educator Literacy Award.
  • Homeschool graduate Michael Reitz shows how to get homeschooled teens into hands-on politics.


  • Juggling improves your brain power -- really!
  • A "timed movement" program that helps ADD and ADHD kids
  • Korean homeschoolers want YOU!
  • How to become part of the world's largest science project. (Hint: It's for the birds.)


  • A software system that teaches many flavors of guitar and keyboard.
  • Want to help your kids "Making the Grade"? Or become "Turbo Readers"? We review these, as well as a "Saxon"-style grammar and writing series, a really gorgeous series for young kids about major poets, the "Patriot's Handbook," a book about "American Beliefs," and an innovative "keyboard" product that improves language skills and is taking Britain by storm.
  • A series on genetics (for grades 4 to 9!), and three courses that contrast creation and evolution.


  • Contests for subscribers
  • Envelope Gallery of homeschooled kids' art
  • Time-sensitive ads with special offers for fall curriculum


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