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What's in Practical Homeschooling #62?


  • Solving the "fake homeschooler" menace, by publisher Mary Pride
  • What Is Classical Education? Expert Martin Cothran explains how it works. Includes "Scope & Sequence" chart of what to teach at each level.
  • Homeschool Business. Want to start your own? Here are some ideas and resources.
  • Teaching Kids to Teach. A "dramatic" experience shows how this can be done.
  • "Day at Our House" diary from the family of a Greek professor and a brand-new adoptive family
  • A girl who raises prize llamas, a new Eagle Scout, and the national champion Civil Air Patrol Color Guard . . . more homeschool success stories


  • Janice vanCleave, the Science Lady, explains what happens when a meteor(ite) hits the earth
  • Want to save money and still provide a private-school-quality preschool education? Here's how. By Melissa Morgan, co-author of Homeschooling on a Shoestring
  • 19th century communists were idealistic, unsuccessful . . . and anxious to help start a public school system in America for the first time. By education expert Sam Blumenfeld
  • How to teach our kids good manners. By Home School Legal Defense Association Senior Counsel Christopher Klicka.
  • How to measure and improve your child's grammar proficiency. By Michael Maloney, founder of the Quinte Learning Centers in Canada and winner of the Canada Post National Educator Literacy Award.
  • Veteran homeschool dad Bill Pride answers the question, "What is the father's role in the homeschool?"


  • Spring courses in political involvement
  • New online algebra tutorial
  • Where to get free wildlife pamphlets
  • Where to get free CliffsNotes
  • How did American kids do in the Program of International Student Assessment (PISA) tests?
  • Foreign student host families wanted!
  • Christian comics contest


  • This book teaches kids to stop whining
  • Pictorial guides to the Bible, Bible history, the Tabernacle, and Solomon's Temple
  • Another pictorial guide to Christian Heritage in England
  • All G.A. Henty's books . . . on CD-ROM!
  • A family guide to Narnia


  • Find out how famous ancient buildings and monuments might have been constructed, from a video series that covers: the Pyramids, Stonehenge, the Roman Colosseum, Inca buildings and bridges, and an Egyptian obelisk
  • The new "Go Phonics" program
  • A math game that should be easy to play if you like "Scrabble"
  • Drafting skills for special students
  • Play detective while learning reading comprehension


  • A collection of programs to teach preschool skills
  • A collection of programs for elementary math and reading
  • Programs to give your kids a jump start on Spanish, French, German, and Italian


  • A real "lab science" chemistry course for homeschoolers
  • A classical education study course
  • Rhetoric taught the "classical" way


  • Contests for subscribers
  • Envelope Gallery of homeschooled kids' art
  • Ads with special offers


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