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What’s in the Current Issue of Practical Homeschooling?


  • 2022 i-Learn Awards. Our readers have voted! See what they chose as the 175 best online curriculum products of 2022. Bonus: Meet the people behind four of this year’s winning companies & find out how they turned their ideas into successful businesses!
  • Learn how to use the power of the “5 Whys” when helping your student choose a career.
  • Balancing passion with academics: When a child is deeply involved in an activity, how can academics still fit in?
  • The power of an “ordinary day” – Raising children with trauma issues can require a very different homeschool approach.
  • Starstruck? Get your fill of backyard stargazing with these clever tips for creating your own $20 backyard observatory!
  • Share the homeschool day of a retired chemical engineer and or a pastor’s wife whose children have learning challenges


  • Mary Pride on how to build your very own “homeschool team”
  • Attorney Antony Kolenc answers the question, “Can homeschoolers play on public-school teams?” Find out the latest on “Tebow bills.”
  • What Emily Redman wishes she had known about teaching preschoolers before she started homeschooling
  • Melissa Morgan with 10 tips for raising a lifelong learner
  • Melissa Williamson has tips and tricks for bringing middle-school math into the real world.
  • NEW COLUMNIST: Cindy LaJoy explains how high school can be quite different when your student is getting ready for a skilled trade.
  • Dr. Kuni Beasley has his own recipe for how to stand out on your college application with metrics, optics, symmetry, and legacy points.
  • Janice Campbell makes sure you and your kids will never have suffer from another “down day” during the homeschool year.


  • The latest on learning loss. Is it really as bad as the media reported . . . and are schools falling behind or catching up?
  • What recent college grads REALLY think about whether college was worth it or not.


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