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What's in Practical Homeschooling #77?


  • We visit the brand-new Creation Museum to see what all the fuss is about.
  • How homeschoolers can help military families, plus resources for homeschoolers in the military
  • What did this mom see at Marine boot camp?
  • How to get into a military academy
  • We profile the family behind 25 years of service to homeschoolers from Sycamore Tree
  • A dad tries his hand at unschooling and a creative 11-year-old shares her homeschool day
  • Check out this award-winning Remotely Operated Vehicle and the homeschool team behind it . . . and a homeschooler who won a $50,000 scholarship


  • Educational inventor Frank Armbruster spells out the phonics "code."
  • Assessing what little ones know can be tough, but Melissa Morgan, co-author of Homeschooling on a Shoestring, shows how to do it.
  • Canada's National Educator Literacy Award winner Michael Maloney explains how to become fluent in geography.
  • M.I.T. graduate (and holder of an M.A. in Math) Bill Pride reveals just why teens need lab science, and where to find it.
  • Education expert Sam Blumenfeld tells how to own a (literal) piece of history.
  • Jeannette Web shows how to write college application and exam essays that "bring home the bacon."
  • Is your teen doomed to keep slacking forever? Homeschool graduate (and Coast Guard officer) Joseph Pride points out the advantages of sweating now to have adventures later.


  • How to "adopt" a soldier
  • Here's one online course provider that has won approval for its Advanced Placement courses
  • Contest for outdoorsy kids who like to draw
  • Safety rules for child seats


  • An award-winning writing curriculum
  • A Christian worldview curriculum . . . for first graders
  • This DVD is packed with hundreds of classic books for an extremely reasonable price


  • How does the brain learn? New book explains much!
  • Poetry parody . . . just the thing for reluctant readers
  • Oh, the horror! New book dishes the dirt on public schools
  • Book explains how to turn sibling RIVALRY into sibling REVELRY
  • Classical education for beginners
  • Board game takes the "b-o-r-e-d" out of medieval history


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