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What’s in the Current Issue of Practical Homeschooling?


  • 2018 Reader Award and 2018 i-Learn Award Nominations. Suggest your favorite educational products & maybe win a fabulous prize!
  • How to Get Started 2017. New homeschoolers, start here!
  • Brigitte Brulz reveals her simple, fun “crafty” way to organize your homeschool day
  • Four “classroom” skills your child needs—and we often forget to teach


  • Magda Jackson on where parents of young children can find loads of support
  • Melissa Morgan has dozens of practical ways to help a child who is overwhelmed by math
  • Bess Wuertz explains how to introduce your early elementary kids to all of human history & culture . . . the “Montessori way”!
  • Joyce Burges has great answers for your middle schooler’s toughest questions
  • College-prep expert Dr. Kuni Beasley breaks down what a Gap Year can do for your college-bound student
  • Anne Wegener answers one of your most common questions: “How should I set up our homeschool schedule?”
  • Janice Campbell reveals how she manages to have a daily FAMILY quiet time


  • New study on what teens what from their education—by personality type
  • Time to get your homeschool team together for this major competition!
  • The latest facts about who is . . . and isn’t . . . able to pay back their college loans
  • More!


  • Write At Home’s online courses


  • Easy way to get your kids to do at least ONE chore
  • Super simple way to teach kids to program
  • Ever want to just take the family on a travel adventure? This book shows what it’s really like
  • Small books that help your preschooler get a smart start


  • Contests for subscribers with awesome prizes!
  • Envelope Gallery of kids’ art
  • Ads with special offers

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