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What's in Practical Homeschooling #84?


  • 19 ways to get the most from your library
  • How to pick a college major and career that has the least risk of eventually being outsourced
  • Greg Pride reports on what a week at Summit Ministries famous worldview camp is really like
  • Single mom shares her homeschool day


  • Mary Pride explains how she saved half a million on her children's college education -- and how you can do it, too
  • Best-selling science author Janice VanCleave kicks off her new multi-age "Janice's Science Club" with a lesson on gravity
  • Don Aslett, the world's #1 cleaning expert, provides safety and equipment tips for kids
  • Homeschool author Joyce McPherson reveals how to start a math club and even enter the MathCounts competition
  • Melissa Morgan, co-author of Homeschooling on a Shoestring, shares great resources for inexpensive, parent-led Bible education
  • M.I.T. graduate (and Ph.D. mathematics candidate) Bill Pride gets us up-to-date on how to get your kids ready for algebra... and why they might need to do this years before you did
  • History expert Sam Blumenfeld traces how 13 colonies became the United States of America
  • Homeschool author and speaker Shelley Noonan shares her secret to starting the homeschool year in style
  • Jeannette Webb, recipient of the Presidential Scholar Distinguished Teacher Award and expert at getting kids into top colleges, reveals the top 25 tips for a great senior year


  • The California-versus-homeschoolers saga comes to an end -- for now
  • Would you like to attend the 2009 Homeschool Basketball Championships? Here's how.
  • Free tip sheet for stutterers
  • Cool new way your homeschool group can raise money, provided it's a registered charity
  • New essay contest with excellent prizes
  • Nifty science contest with even better prizes
  • And another science contest
  • A former PHS columnist meets Sarah Palin
  • New owner for popular science curriculum publisher


  • What can this 111-year-old correspondence school do for you?
  • The software package that teaches piano... and comes with its own keyboard
  • Handy guides on a myriad of subjects, that fit in a looseleaf binder
  • Award winning software that might be able to double your reading speed


  • New book proves homeschooled children are exceptionally well-adjusted
  • Homeschooling + time management = this new book
  • How to counter group manipulation tactics -- or, what if you don't WANT your community "organized"?
  • Homeschool veteran's new how-to parenting book
  • And one more by another popular homeschool author
  • How to create truly creative Christmas letters
  • A book that teaches vocabulary for the SAT via an episodic teen novel


  • Contests for subscribers
  • Readers' opinions on important subjects
  • Envelope Gallery of kids' art
  • Ads with special offers


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