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What's in Practical Homeschooling #104?


  • The smart (phone) way to curriculum shop
  • Your vote is needed for the 2012 i-Learn Awards!
  • When frugal is illegal: We help you avoid the "Copyright Trap"
  • "What I Learned from Our Daughter's Wedding"
  • In the Moodle: See how two online schools use the same system to provide two entirely different styles of education
  • A day in the life of an "only" homeschooler
  • This homeschooler is 12... and she wrote a book!


  • NEW! Dr. Kuni Beasley explains how to save a BUNDLE and get your college degree in half the time
  • Felice Gerwitz leads you to bargain sources for what you need to get your business up and running.
  • Melissa Morgan knows 20 ways to socialize your preschooler.
  • Don Aslett, the world's #1 cleaning and time-management expert, helps you and your kids avoid two major life pitfalls.
  • PHS publisher (and mother of nine homeschool graduates) Mary Pride reveals (1) how to tell if your child is an introvert and (2) how to make your homeschool introvert-friendly
  • If your child earns a Congressional Medal, that is HUGE on a college application. Diane Lockman explains exactly how to do it.
  • Best-selling science author Janice VanCleave has fun experiments that demonstrate how things fly.
  • Education expert and historian Sam Blumenfeld offers more tips on how to become a published writer.
  • Veteran homeschool mom Anne Wegener with some surprising thoughts on peer pressure.


  • New source of free textbooks
  • In the future, could you "test out" of part of your college courses? One state university is giving it a shot.
  • Why your teen should get a meaningful high-school internship
  • Surprising benefit of 4-H membership
  • For men in particular, a certificate might beat a college degree
  • ACT wants every school in your state to start tracking kids towards a career... starting in kindergarten!
  • New free information source for education researchers
  • Two more good reasons to homeschool


  • Notebooking series for Apologia's Young Explorers series
  • Collection of book-based unit studies
  • Art instruction made beautiful - a homeschool classic!
  • Help for labeled children


  • Latin in the Christian Trivium
  • Two books (by different publishers) that help prepare your child for success in high-school and college chemistry


  • Contests for subscribers with awesome prizes!
  • Envelope Gallery of kids' art
  • Ads with special offers


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