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What's in Practical Homeschooling #80?


  • Which presidential candidate actually supports homeschooling the most - and has been doing it most consistently?
  • A homeschool graduate wins college football's top award - the story behind Tim Tebow's unprecedented Heisman Trophy win
  • How to start and run your own Shakespeare Camp
  • How to turn fat kids into healthy kids
  • Double pneumonia. A year on a respirator. Major spinal surgery, followed by three months flat on his back. How one homeschool graduate rebounded from this and, although initially too weak to attend campus-based classes, nevertheless earned his college diploma.
  • Meet a very busy family from Virginia who are into homeschool theatre
  • Homeschool sibs with a winning science video, a homeschooler who won a national songwriting/performing competition, and two homeschooled girls who are big-time winners when it comes to sheep breeding


  • Educational inventor Frank Armbruster reveals how to turn reluctant readers - including boys - into voracious readers
  • How to teach your kids good character, by Melissa Morgan, co-author of Homeschooling on a Shoestring
  • Canada's National Educator Literacy Award winner Michael Maloney explains how to create and use flashcards that will make your kids' geography grades soar
  • M.I.T. graduate (and future optometry student) Bill Pride pulls the lid back on an emerging science education boondoggle
  • Education expert Sam Blumenfeld asks, "Who wrote the plays attributed to Shakespeare?"
  • Jeannette Webb, recipient of the Presidential Scholar Distinguished Teacher Award, shares what a parent needs to do to be an effective mentor for his or her children
  • NEW COLUMNIST! Homeschool author Shelley Noonan spells out how to beat the mid-winter blues


  • Has a "cure" been discovered for Down Syndrome?
  • Get read to duct-tape yourself all the way to a scholarship!
  • The horrifying truth of what kids who don't read enough are missing
  • Insider tip on how to avoid your kid being "bumped" from the college of their choice because of a common teen practice
  • Time now to sign up for those Latin and Greek exams
  • Why is Mexico supplying free textbooks to American schools?
  • An unreported reason why the data on which "global warming" models have been built is corrupt - and how you can personally get involved in correcting it
  • How much faster do you read when what you're reading is in print instead of on the computer screen?


  • CD-ROM and DVD-based product teaches upper-level math. But does it beat the competition?
  • An online KŠ8 curriculum based on software homeschoolers have traditionally rated tops
  • Our reviewer likes this online phonics-based course


  • You've heard of Usborne books and DK books. Meet another publisher of colorful "fact" books as we review dozens of their offerings
  • Need help learning the Greek alphabet? You've got it!
  • Now, want to learn the "Koine" Greek language? Try this popular multi-level course complete with mnemonic flashcards
  • A multi-book Latin course our reviewer loved
  • Not into Latin in a big way - just want to learn the Latin phrases educated people know? Try these workbooks


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