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What's in Practical Homeschooling #90?


  • What are the best 173 products for homeschoolers? Find out the results of the thousands of votes cast for our 2009 Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards. Available EXCLUSIVELY in this issue of Practical Homeschooling!
  • BONUS: See the stories of six award-winning businesses... and exactly HOW these six families made it to the homeschool "big time."
  • How to get started in homeschooling: the all-new, updated, 2009 inside story.
  • Mary Pride shares her tips for saving big bucks... and scads of time... with the help of the library.
  • Meet a victorious team of homeschool "LEGO" engineers


  • How to plan and create a winning engineering project for your science or engineering fair, from best-selling science author Janice VanCleave.
  • Don Aslett, the world's #1 cleaning and time-management expert, with one tip about priorities that can literally unblock your life. No kidding: it's working for us!
  • Homeschool author Joyce McPherson takes you "behind the scenes" of how her family prepared for the first annual National Bible Bee (plus how to get ready for next year's Bee)
  • Melissa Morgan, co-author of Homeschooling on a Shoestring, shares great tips on how to have inexpensive and educational holiday celebrations with small children
  • Education expert Sam Blumenfeld went to school during the Great Depression. Here's what you never knew about how the American educational system USED to work.
  • Jeannette Webb, recipient of the Presidential Scholar Distinguished Teacher Award and expert at getting kids into top colleges, with details on how to write a School Profile and Transcript Legend. (If you're getting your kids ready for college and don't know what these are, you need to read this article!)
  • A tribute to homeschool hero Chris Klicka


  • The latest research results on how homeschoolers are doing
  • Will more folks be homeschooling because of the recession?
  • Update on the "common standards" push
  • How and when to sign up for the National Mythology Exam, Exploratory Latin Exam, National Latin Exam, and National Greek exam. For the cranially capacious.
  • Another national science contest: details on how to sign up (yes, homeschoolers are welcome!)


  • DVD series teaches 5,000 years of Chinese history. Very important since they basically own us now.
  • Find out what an alarming number of colleges aren't letting their students or faculty say or teach, with the new Indoctrinate U documentary on DVD


  • Learn about Roman technology
  • Practice your classical Greek
  • More engineering practice as you design crazy machines
  • Play guitar like a master
  • Paint like van Gogh (yes, learn how to use his exact techniques, and it's easy enough for kids grades 3 to 12)!


  • Contests for subscribers with awesome prizes! BONUS: See the winning Art Contest entries.
  • Envelope Gallery of kids' art
  • Ads with special offers


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