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What’s in the Current Issue of Practical Homeschooling?


  • 2017 Reader Awards — Our readers have voted! See what thousands of experienced homeschoolers chose as the 311 best educational products of 2017. BONUS: Meet the people behind five of your favorite companies!
  • 2017 Tax Breaks for Homeschoolers: What is the tax situation for homeschoolers this year, when making out our 2016 taxes?


  • What to do when your child is unable to keep up with the high-pressure pace of modern education
  • When Writing is Too Hard: Here’s an out-of-the-box solution for students to whom writer’s block is the rule, not the exception.
  • Time to rediscover an “old” reading method that is brand new to most homeschoolers — and that will have a special appeal to hands-on students with reading problems
  • Share the homeschool day with a rural family from Michigan who are homeschooling a son and two 5-year-old Down Syndrome daughters, one of whom is adopted


  • Magda Jackson on joys, woes, and benefits of cooking with toddlers
  • Melissa Morgan’s top tips for teaching little ones the value of work
  • Bess Wuertz reveals how to teach grammar the low-cost/no-cost Montessori way
  • NEW columnist Joyce Burges provides a 4-step plan to help you hang on to your sanity = and help your kids grow up — during those emotionally fraught middle-school years
  • College-prep expert Dr. Kuni Beasley spills the details about the top 20 full-ride college scholarships — many of which apply to HUNDREDS of colleges — that hardly anyone knows about
  • Anne Wegener reminds us it’s not too early to start planning for an educational and relaxing summer


  • How to find out the standardized testing requirements in your state (or any other)
  • The latest study on what kids and parents think about reading, and kid’s actual reading behavior
  • A surprising educational booster for young kids


  • How to get started in homeschooling
  • Contests for subscribers with awesome prizes!
  • Envelope Gallery of kids’ art
  • Ads with special offers

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