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What's in Practical Homeschooling #74


  • 2007 Reader Awards! Discover the 181 products that your fellow homeschoolers have voted "the best" in dozens of subject categories, from preschool curriculum to high school, from phonics programs to Greek and Latin!
  • Filmmaking 101, Part 1. Summer camps and and family academy where your children can learn to make movies.
  • Would you like your child to meet the Prime Minister of Australia? Such things are possible when they take an educational trip with this organization.
  • Amazing prom dresses made with duct tape, and how you can win a $3,000 scholarship.
  • Smart spending strategies that help you combat the "I spent too much on curriculum"! blues
  • How a family of 8 organizes their homeschool day
  • What happens when you teach six homeschooled children to play instruments and dance Irish style? (Hint: TV documentary and worldwide music career)


  • Is your children's graduation really the end of your homeschool adventure? Publisher Mary Pride says, "It shouldn't be."
  • First grade can cost way less if you follow these tips from Melissa Morgan, co-author of Homeschooling on a Shoestring.
  • Ever hear of "print awareness"? Educational inventor Frank Armbruster shows what it is and why it's essential to reading success
  • M.I.T. graduate (and holder of an M.A. in Math) Bill Pride explains exactly why some math curricula don't teach kids the skills they need to solve long division and multiplication problems, and how to recognize the telltale signs.
  • Education expert Sam Blumenfeld with a novel approach to book buying.
  • Homeschool grad (and whiz kid) Austin Webb explains how to secure great college recommendations.
  • Mary Biever finds out how much socialization is TOO much!
  • BONUS: Bob Reith of ENOCH-NJ with an important message about life after homeschool.


  • 11-year-old beats world record
  • Yet another way schools can be bad for your child- identity theft!
  • How the SAT may be bringing grammar and handwriting instruction back in style
  • New tool for schools to combat bullies - but it may cause NEW problems
  • Asthma relief - a new approach
  • New online school for gifted & talented children
  • "Listening to TV while I study helps me concentrate." Guess what this new study says?
  • Why exactly are there so many blazing debates about how public schools should be run, what they should teach, etc? The surprising answer.
  • Planning on taking an AP class? Some must-know information.


  • A unit study curriculum in a box, complete with materials
  • Serious high-school biology course from a Christian perspective


  • Home School Heroes
  • DVD look at Asperger Syndrom
  • A book of games that build children's attention spans
  • Teach your kids to sew using this brightly illustrated book
  • Looking for story starters? You're covered!
  • An almanac for kids


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