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What's in the Current Issue of Practical Homeschooling?


  • Colleges & Common Core: we interview college admissions officers to find out if they now (or in the future) will require applicants to have used Common Core-aligned curriculum.
  • Here's a new "top trend" you might have missed: the Maker's Movement might be just the way to motivate your academically reluctant, hands-on kid.
  • If you can teach your child 5 notes, this article explains how they can now play 5 songs.
  • Homeschoolers tackle the Science Olympiad team competition!
  • Meet the homeschooler who has become Illinois State's youngest graduate ever.
  • Homeschool grad reflects on homeschooling "then" . . . and now.


  • Lawyer Antony Kolenc shares the research that PROVES homeschooling is a "fundamental" parental right.
  • Bess Wuertz knows Montessori materials are EXPENSIVE. So she explains how to make or purchase yours for much, much less.
  • Michele Lee gives us the skinny on phonics apps that are hot . . . and not.
  • Melissa Morgan lays down steps for how to get your preschooler ready for classical education.
  • Dr. Kuni Beasley explains how to tell if college is the right - or wrong - choice for your child.
  • From best-selling author Janice VanCleave: some simple Spring science activities and facts.
  • Anne Wegener reminds us that homeschooling is so much more than a "one-room schoolhouse."


  • The new SAT: what to expect.
  • Massive privacy-invading database for schoolkids faces a setback.
  • Are schools literally DRUGGING kids to increase test scores?


  • A series of CD-ROMs and DVD-ROM from a prestigious British university explores the influence of Christianity on culture
  • A Child's Geography


  • How to turn your child's smart phone into a learning tool
  • How to teach your homeschooled kids to become more independent
  • Art mixed with science
  • Music education made fun for little kids


  • Contests for subscribers with awesome prizes!
  • Envelope Gallery of kids' art
  • Ads with special offers

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