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What’s in the Current Issue of Practical Homeschooling?


  • Nominate the products you’d like to see in our 2022 Reader Awards™ and i-Learn Awards™ ballots!
  • New trends in higher education – such as microcredentials. What other big changes are colleges making or considering? And is it easier to get in now, or harder?
  • Building your own home library: why, how, and what this can do for your homeschool
  • “Why do I have to learn math? Why, why, WHY?” Steven T. Abell dares to ask – and answer – this perennial student question.
  • Here’s a heartwarming assignment your kids should enjoy! Melissa Morgan has all kinds of tips on how to make writing a Christian story a fun project for the whole family.
  • Emily Redman makes the case for teaching our kids the classic art of handwriting letters that actually go in the mail.
  • Memorization techniques: What are “chunks”? How does chunking help you retain information? How to commit L-O-N-G passages to memory. More!
  • Share a homeschool day with a military family!
  • How to get started in homeschooling.


  • Mary Pride explains why parents know best when it comes to our own children – & why the Supreme Court agrees.
  • Attorney Antony Kolenc with what you need to know about your legal right to choose your homeschooled child’s curriculum. Plus, state by state chart of curriculum freedom!
  • Emily Redman introduces Play Dough 101! How to use this versatile medium for education (and not just for little kids!).
  • Melissa Morgan tells us how to teach the 4 stages of the writing process.
  • Melissa Williamson says middle school is the perfect time to explore career options. Here’s how.
  • Talent search programs: What are they? How have they changed in the past couple years? How can one help your gifted child? College-prep expert Dr. Kuni Beasley has the details.
  • Janice Campbell shares some lovely thoughts on how to enjoy a peaceful, calm winter season.


  • Is it STEM or STEAM or STREAM? Why do they keep adding letters, and are all educators happy with that?
  • New published guidelines for virtual reality in education.
  • What educators are now saying about “learning loss”
  • Questions about how the $188.5 BILLION dollars of emergency relief Congress voted to give schools are actually being spent.


  • Charlotte Mason in a Box. That’s what the curriculum is called – does it live up to its name?


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