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What's in Practical Homeschooling #91?


  • You probably never heard of "globally acceptable truth," but this new trend is sweeping the world of education. Find out what it is and what is likely to happen when "dumbing down" goes global.
  • Parents: The nitty-gritty pros and cons of going back to school and/or starting your own business... from a dad who has done both.
  • Dual-credit courses are great... UNLESS you make these mistakes and lose your college financial aid. Find out how to do it right.
  • Mary Pride explains why, after 30 years of homeschooling, there's still always more to learn.
  • How one dad and son got fit and built togetherness while sharing a once-in-a-lifetime experience, hiking the Appalachian Trail.
  • How to enter the 2010 Practical Homeschooling Photo Contest, with tips on how to win.
  • Homeschooler wins Congressional Award (with info on where you can go to get started on your own award), plus one homeschool grad's success story.


  • NEW! Classical Method column starts with author Diane Lockman's explanation of why classical education can be a lot easier than you think. Find out the amazing story behind how classical education got "hijacked" and overbuilt into a 12-year rigmarole.
  • "Christmas Star" activity from best-selling science author Janice VanCleave.
  • Don Aslett, the world's #1 cleaning and time-management expert, reveals where you can find the time to get EVERYTHING done.
  • Homeschool author Joyce McPherson explains the ins and outs of how to compete in the National Latin Exam and National Mythology Exam.
  • Melissa Morgan, co-author of Homeschooling on a Shoestring, shares the trials, tribulations, and joys of homeschooling a toddler.
  • Education expert Sam Blumenfeld went to middle school just before World War II. Here's an eye-opening look at what public school USED to be like.
  • Jeannette Webb, recipient of the Presidential Scholar Distinguished Teacher Award and expert at getting kids into top colleges, provides explicit instructions on how to make a high-school transcript acceptable to college officials.
  • Shelley Noonan on how she taught her children the joy of giving.


  • Sites where you can buy (and sell!) lesson plans online
  • The wild and wacky connection between teen obesity, the military, and a time-traveling request for more early childhood funding
  • Your government at work: a useful new site teaches kids to be smart and safe consumers
  • The homework wars continue.


  • Trivium Mastery by Diane Lockman.
  • Jeannette and Austin Webb's new e-book gives very specific advice on how to get admitted to top colleges.


  • Attractive and enticing introduction to biology for upper elementary and middle schoolers.
  • DVD on how to make your own cards
  • Eyewitness account of the battle of Lexington and Concord (you know, the "shot heard round the world" that started the American War of Independence)
  • Fun ways to improve your vocabulary
  • Two helpful books for homeschooling parents of autistic children


  • Contests for subscribers with awesome prizes! BONUS: See some winning Story Contest entries.
  • Envelope Gallery of kids' art
  • Ads with special offers


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