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What's in Practical Homeschooling #107?


  • Everyone's talking about the new Common Core standards for curriculum. What do they change? What does it mean to homeschoolers... and to you? (We've been writing about this since 2001, so you can trust us for the straight scoop!)
  • The new Texas "CSCOPE" curriculum - why are so many people up in arms about it?
  • Early formal academics: new standards demand it, but is this a huge mistake?
  • What New Homeschoolers Want to Know. Answers to your most commonly-asked questions!
  • "Show Me the Money": What can a homeschool mom do to help make ends meet?
  • Homeschooling a la francaise: The French manage to raise kids who don't kick and scream or call their parents names. Also, they don't get fat. What can we learn from how they do it?
  • "How Our Homeschooled Daughter Got Elected." The journey from homeschool graduate to the state capitol... and how YOUR child can do the same!
  • Organizing a Homeschool Co-op and/or Super Support Group. Big enough to provide "school-like" perks, but flexible enough to still be homeschool... 10 steps to starting your own.


  • Dr. Kuni Beasley reveals 12 top tips for improving your teen's SAT and ACT scores.
  • Best-selling author Janice VanCleave teaches kids the science and art of mixing colors (with light AND with pigment).
  • Melissa Morgan shares the ABCs of Survival - safety tips to teach your toddler.
  • Diane Lockman demystifies "Socratic dialogue" - the linchpin of the classical Socratic Method of teaching .
  • World's greatest cleaning and decluttering expert Don Aslett answers the age-old question, "Should I dust or vacuum first?"
  • Education expert Sam Blumenfeld has an idea for a service project for your teen.
  • Sick of your messy house? Anne Wegener has the answer, inspired by none other than Pippi Longstocking!


  • Do most parents spend more though on customizing their coffee or their children's education? Surprising answer.
  • "Hi, I'm your talking textbook. Turn to page 70 and I'll let you know if you understand what you just read." Is this, or something like it, the future of textbooks?
  • New government scorecard for colleges is unveiled, as is...
  • The latest edition of one of our favorite private scorecards for colleges.


  • Homeschool by avatar - a completely virtual environment in which kids in grades 6 to 12 attend class together online, study in their personal "Knowledge Towers," and much more.
  • A book that will make your kids much more film-savvy (and less likely to simply pick up the attitudes and beliefs they see portrayed in movies and on TV).


  • Math as high adventure
  • How to create new family traditions
  • A book on the science of color (goes great with Janice VanCleave's article in this issue!)
  • Help for kids with autism


  • Contests for subscribers with awesome prizes!
  • Envelope Gallery of kids' art
  • Ads with special offers


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