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Home Life's carefully-chosen selection of homeschooling and family life books will help you give your kids a great education ... and keep you educated, too! Find out the truth about issues that you'll never see in the mass media. Find out why a classic, godly lifestyle is still best, even in our high-tech world. Surprises galore in these easy-reading books!

The Way Home, 25th Anniversary Edition (TWH)
The wait is over! Read the book that clears away the confusion from what God expects of Christian wives. A bestseller when it first came out, this 25th Anniversary Edition includes a new Preface and Afterthoughts you just have to read. Buy one for yourself, and more for your daughters!  $12.99

The Bible and Birth Control (BBC)
A real eye-opener. Church fathers and theologians from all centuries but our own agree: babies are a blessing!  $4.95

Hints on Child Training (HCT)
Classic advice from the 19th century that really works.  $9.95

Epidemic (EPID)
Medical doctor shares true-life stories and facts about how "safe" sex is killing teens. Life-saving information about the -real- risks.  $24.95

Flirting with the Devil (FD)
The forgotten road to revival, through a study of the temptation of Adam and Eve and the temptation of Jesus in the desert. Breezy writing, memorable word pictures.  NORMALLY: $12.95   SALE PRICE: $4.95

Handoff (HO)
Dr. Jeff Myers* reveals the secrets of those who successfully mentor godly leaders, and how to pass this gift to your children when the whole world seems to want them to do nothing with their lives but whine, slack, or (even worse) fight for the WRONG causes.  NORMALLY: $12.99   SALE PRICE: $5

The Greenie (GR)
This parable of how "love of nature" is a good idea that can sometimes go too far is a welcome antidote to the eco-radicalism which permeates so many children's books. Fully illustrated in cartoon style by a former Disney artist. Perfect for coloring in.  $9

True Sexual Morality (TSM)
Breakthrough book equips teens and parents to take a solid stand based on Biblical principals.  $25

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