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Flirting with the Devil

Homeschooling on the Threshold

Handoff (HO)
Dr. Jeff Myers* reveals the secrets of those who successfully mentor godly leaders, and how to pass this gift to your children when the whole world seems to want them to do nothing with their lives but whine, slack, or (even worse) fight for the WRONG causes.  Normally: $12.99  SALE PRICE: $5.00

Flirting with the Devil (FD)
The forgotten road to revival, through a study of the temptation of Adam and Eve and the temptation of Jesus in the desert. Breezy writing, memorable word pictures.  Normally: $12.95  SALE PRICE: $4.95

Homeschooling on the Threshold (HOT)
An attractive, full-color report packed with photos, charts, graphs, and diagrams. Just what you need to convince school officials that homeschooling DOES work!  Normally: $4.99  SALE PRICE: $2.00

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