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Home Life's carefully-chosen selection of homeschooling and family life books will help you give your kids a great education ... and keep you educated, too! Find out the truth about issues that you'll never see in the mass media. Find out why a classic, godly lifestyle is still best, even in our high-tech world. Surprises galore in these easy-reading books!

Home Schooling on a Shoe String (HOS)
This 376-page book, co-authored by Practical Homeschooling columnist Melissa Morgan, is packed cover-to-cover with great advice and hundreds of tips to help you homeschool for less.  $17.99

Homeschooling on the Threshold (HOT)
An attractive, full-color report packed with photos, charts, graphs, and diagrams. Just what you need to convince school officials that homeschooling DOES work!  NORMALLY: $4.99   SALE PRICE: $2

Schoolproof (SP)
This book takes up where "Waiting for 'Superman'" leaves off. Lost the charter school lottery? Here's how to give your own children a BETTER education than the schools. Want to help a generation of lost children? The last chapters unveil radical changes that would turn our educational system into one that works.  $12.99

The Harsh Truth About Public Schools (HT)
All the facts, all the footnotes to back them up. Save a generation of Christian kids before it's too late.  $22

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