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About Mary Pride

Mary Pride Mary Pride is the publisher of Practical Homeschooling and the founder of the world's most-visited homeschool web site, namely, the one you are now visiting! A graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with two degrees in engineering, she and her husband Bill, a graduate of both Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Covenant Theological Seminary, with a recently-earned Master's in Mathematics from University of Missouri - St. Louis, are the parents of nine totally homeschooled children.

  • The oldest, Ted, who is physically handicapped, earned his fully accredited Computer Science degree - with honors - via distance learning, while maintaining this web site. He owns a web design and programming business.

  • Joseph and Sarah both became National Merit Finalists and received full scholarship offers to several top universities.

  • Joseph subsequently graduated from the Coast Guard Academy with honors and served for five years. While at sea, his vessel made the largest cocaine bust in US maritime history. He also led a team as part of the BP oil spill cleanup effort.

  • Sarah subsequently graduated from Patrick Henry College with honors, and now works there as assistant to the director of communications. In her spare time, she is a second-level black belt. She also founded the first Christian film festival in her area.

  • Magda received a full-tuition scholarship to the college of her choice, from which she graduated with a 3.95 GPA and three degrees: Forensic Science, Chemistry, and Mathematics. She is now pursuing a PhD in Materials Science with a full scholarship plus stipend.

  • Franklin just graduated from a major engineering school with a double major in Management and Games & Simulations Science. He has already started his first business and consults on iPhone apps and software design.

  • After earning an A.A. degree with honors, Mercy completed her LN program and is working full time as a practical nurse. She plans to go back to school for her RN while continuing to work.

  • As a top achiever on the ACT exam, Gregory was awarded the Missouri four-year "Bright Flight" scholarship. After trying a few other options, he has settled on Accounting for his college major.

  • Madeleine graduated homeschool early, at age 17. She is now completing an initial science degree, and hopes to go into a family-friendly medical field.

  • Lillian graduated homeschool even earlier, at age 15. She is a Nursing major in a very highly ranked public university, where she received their top scholarship.

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