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Homeschoolers tell their opinion of Practical Homeschooling:

"Practical Homeschooling is "down to earth", informative, and interesting! When I see it in my mailbox I know it's going to be a good day! I love it!"

C. Sonmor - CO, US

"I've been reading your publication for years. We haven't been able to homeschool our son full-time, but thanks to your magazine, we are supplementing his education. Thank you for this valuable resource!"

Julie Clark - VA, US

"I could have never found the wide variety of supplies without you. Thak you for keeping up-dated and also keeping the "old-ways" for people like me."

Mrs Frank Luck - mo, US

"We have been homeschooling for over 8 years now and have been subscribers longer than that! I love your curriculum reviews and 'A Day At Our House'. I've got a link on my website recommending your magazine as my 'favorite homeschool magazine'."

Gina James - AR, US

"Your information on how to teach, such as letting the child explore a new toy was very helpful for parents of very young children. I have already recommended your books to several of my friends with under age 2 children."

Julie Tobin - IL, US

" As a new home school Mom. I am looking forward to seeing the change in my children. I hope to read more from people like yourselves. It makes me feel like I have a family that connected all over the country."

wanda thompson - IN, US

"When I started to home school 12 years ago there where very few advisors I could go to for wisdom. PHS became my wealth of advisors to whom I could go day or night,finding wit, wisdom and encouragement."

Ruth Gervat - NJ, US

"One of the highlights of our dinner time is when my husband reads an entry from "A Day at Our House" aloud after the meal. It's fun to hear what other families do, and how creative many of them can be, or how normal!"

Cathleen Winkler - TN, US

"I love the product reviews which often are true critical reviews. I am glad that you publish the con's of some products rather than only publishing positive reviews. Knowing both strengths and weaknesses of a product, book, or curriculum is important."

Christine Montano - CT, US

"I don't know what I'd do without you ! As a former teacher, and now a homeschooling mother, I rely on your magazine to offer a wide range of educational topics. I've learned more from your columnists than I did in college for my education degree !"

Ellen Stanclift - ME, US

"I absolutely love PHS! It is the definitive magazine for homeschoolers. I eagerly await each issue and devour it, from cover to cover, the day it arrives in my mailbox."

Susan Moore - SC, US

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