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The Big Book of Home Learning

Homeschoolers tell their opinion of The Big Book of Home Learning:

"The Big Book of Home Learning Books were essential in my homeschool planning. We have just started homeschooling our preschooler with an eclectic approach and find the resource and curriculum reviews invaluable and right on track. Thank You Mary Pride."

Amy Blevins - NY, US

"Just the information at the front of each section was worth its weight in gold. I have thought a book with the first section would be wonderful, leaving the reviews to the magazine or website. Blessings, Jube"

Jube - TX, US

"As a first time homeschooler I was so overwhelmed!! I loved Mary Pride's honesty, sense of humor and obvious dedication to homeshooling! I felt so inspired as I read. This book covers every possible detail any homeschooler may need!"

Shannon Hawkyard - CA, US

"We first got turned on to homeschooling when a friend shared with us two books by Mary Pride. This was twelve years ago. We have purchased two sets of the Big Books over the years. We now have 4 kids and are planning on homeschooling them all."

Mary Petzold - IL, US

"Mary's Big Books are what have kept us going through the past 9 years of homeschooling. I studied the reviews until I could find programs that matched my students' needs, then ordered with confidence. Result: success!"

Carolyn Morrison - IA, US

"This is my second set of Big Books! I know your books can be trusted to give an accurate review! What would I do without them? They inspire me on to bigger and better things! Thank you for all the great work and for stretching my mind! God bless!"

Janis Eisele - OR, US

"The Big Book volume 1 was such a blessing ....I had to get my pen and notebook and take notes! It covers everything you need to know to begin strongly and confidently!!!!!"

Jen Lewis - ohio, US

"Volume 1 is very helpful! Thank you so much for this book! It was wonderful - an essential beginning tool for anyone thinking about homeschooling!"

Melissa Kent - AL, US

"The Big Book for primary and elementary grades was a revelation to me--I didn't believe until I was actually reading it that there could be such a useful, helpful, comprehensive guide to the materials out there. Thanks, Mary!"

Rachel Boylan - NJ, US

"Dear Mary, Your books are my reference books for all of my curricula. You helped me truly believe that God was leading me to homeschool my girls. All of my volumes are dog-eared and need to be replaced. Shari"

Shari Tatosian - IL, US

"THANK YOU! I read the first 10 chapters in 2 days...this was exactly what I needed to help me make the final decision to home school. I've been searching for 'the basics' about beginning and here they are. THANK YOU!"

Beth Hilbert - VA, US

"Dear Mary, The information and opinions of yourself and your many experienced and learned contributors has enabled us to successfully homeschool our four youngest children and are now finishing our sixth year."

tanya weisbrodt - sk, canada

"My Big Book, Volume 3, is dog-eared and full of notes as I combed it for advice and wisdom when choosing my children's curriculum. I have recommended it to others and let them borrow it as well, but one needs their own. Thanks!"

Shantay Long - AL, US

"The Big Book of Home Learning has helped me sift through the absolutely overwhelming amount of curricula there is out there. No big wastes of money. I trust Mary's reviews of products for the best choices for my five children. Thanks Mary!"

Sandra Sweet - NJ, US

"I just recently bought the first volume. I like how Mary gives her very "own" and REAL practical advices! For beginners: this is just THE book you should get."

Carmen - Germany

"These books are indispensable for homeschoolers. When I found them ten years ago I read them straight through! What a service Ms. Pride has done for the homeschool community! A thoughtfully written guide that is pertinent to newbies and veterans alike!"

Jeaneene Nooney - MI, US

"I have found The Big Book of Home Learning to be a wonderful source of information. I have just recently decided to homeschool my boys, ages 10 and 7. This book is excellent in providing many choices to homeschoolers all in one place."

Deaun Talbott - TX, US

"The Big Books have helped me tremendously! When I began homeschooling 3 years ago and someone lent me the book, I knew I needed my own and ordered all 3. I received 2 and 3 but had to wait for Vol 1. I now read it over and over. Thank you!"

Tammy Tung - Mo, US

"The Big Books are my first recommendation to newbies and veterans alike. I recently used them to find the "perfect" math curriculum for my son, something I wouldn't have even heard of with these books. Thank you for this invaluable resource."

Robin E. Williams - AZ, US

"The Big Books have been my guide through almost 8 years of homeschooling. When I am looking to choose new curriculum or advise a friend, I find myself going back to these books over and over. Mary Pride's insights always seem to ring true."

Robin Brown - OH, US

"My first year of homeschooling was almost a disaster. All my curriculum choices were based on what my church-school used, then I discovered the Big Book of Home Learning. I have not been disappointed with any choices I have made using this resource."

Kathy Stout - NC, US

"In Australia the homeschooling choices were so few until very recently. Thanks to hours reading Big Book of Home Learning I was able to get the best America had to offer for my children."

Angela Zujic - Australia

"The Big Book of Home Learning is great! It has helped with almost all of my questions. I even found out where I could get the material that I needed to start my schooling right away!"

Sierra Lowry - OH, US

"I found the answers to my questions in The Big Book of Home Learning. I was impressed by the research that had gone into each product, and I appreciated the honesty in each review. I knew I was getting a true evaluation instead of an advertisement."

Rachelle McGuire - CA, US

"The Big Books of Home Learning are great! They give age information and complete reviews of an enormous amount of products. They even point out if a certain product would be especially beneficial or difficult for a child with a particular learning style."

Misty Fabrizio - WA, US

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