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Lab Basics: Bio & Chem (2 guides) (#BCLAB)

Price: $13.90
Buying Unit: Each

Includes both Biology Lab Basics and Chem Lab Basics. Bio Lab Basics presents scientific method, measurements, how-tos of microscopy, thumbnails of essential biology concepts along with how introductory bio labs typically either do or don't demonstrate them, lab safety, and first aid. Chem Lab Basics starts off with lab safety training (makes sense, since chem labs deal with much harsher materials than intro bio labs), general lab guidelines, things to know while working with chemicals, first aid, "know your lab reageents" (including how to decipher those hazard color codes), how to deal with chemical spills, waste management, useful chemical facts, a simple periodic table lab must-knows, how to safely use lab equipment, lab units and conversion factors, and how to prepare a solution.

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