Starting Spalding

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Starting Spalding

Postby gizzy » Wed Apr 28, 2010 9:23 am

I'm trying to convince my mom and dad to let me take on teaching my younger siblings. I want to use the Spalding Method for their Langauge Arts program.

I (will) have 3 students.

4 years | Pre-K -- Kindergarten
6 years | Kindergarten -- 1st grade
8 years | 2nd -- 4th grade

The girl can read but can't spell to save her life. The 6yo has some phonics skills and can read 3-letter words, has memorized how to spell longer animal names. The 4 year is learning his letters. I want to try and eventually make 2 classes.

I want to get all of them started on Spalding this summer. I have WRtR 5th Edition and since none of them can spell, I think its reasonable to start them all at the beginning.

Should I just make the phonogram cards and spelling notebooks or what?

There is a 11 year old girl also, but she can spell much better (obviously) but I want to get prepared to take her through Spalding also. I know that Spalding is meant to be used K-6 and since she was weak in reading in 4th and 5th grade, I think its worth taking her through at least the 4th - 6th grade steps but that wont need to happen until the Fall.

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Re: Starting Spalding

Postby elliemaejune » Wed Apr 28, 2010 9:06 pm

Be sure to read your manual (WRTR) multiple times before you begin working with the children.

The little one will only do very simple stuff--phonemic awareness and all. He is way too young to do the spelling list.

You can do the 6yo and 8yo together, at least for awhile. You'll start by teaching them the first 45 phonograms. My recommendationn would be to buy the phonogram cards instead of making them.

The 6yo will not do a spelling notebook, with the pages and all, although he could write his spelling words in a notebook. The 8yo will keep a spelling notebook. You don't keep one, unless you want to do it as a model. :-)

Spalding can be done with children of any age; it's only that the teacher guides go through 6th. So go ahead and do it with the 11yo.
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Postby PacificOhana » Thu Jun 10, 2010 1:54 pm

All children are remarkably different, but, in principle, I agree with ellie. For the youngest, phonemic awareness should be the area on which you concentrate. Where your 8 yr old is in her cognitive development is key. Most studies indicate that phonics with a third grader is no longer effective, but that, like so many other recommendations, really depends on the child.

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