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Mary Pride's Complete Guide to Getting Started in Homeschooling
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Mary Pride's Complete Guide to Getting Started in Homeschooling
The print edition is no longer available.
Mary Pride's Complete Guide will be
returning soon in ebooks

For the past decade and a half, Practical Homeschooling magazine publisher Mary Pride has helped hundreds of thousands of families just like yours homeschool with confidence. Now you can draw on her years of experience, as well as those of Practical Homeschooling writers and staff. You'll feel like a homeschool expert when you:

  • Discover your whole family's learning styles . . . and your teaching style
  • Kick back with teaching tricks that make your life easier
  • Become acquainted with the 12 most popular homeschool methods
  • Get a handle on special homeschool situations, from ADD to physical challenges to the special needs of your gifted child
  • Get organized without overkill
  • Know when to test and when to use one of several dozen other ways to evaluate your child's progress
  • Learn what unit studies are, and how to create your own
  • Hit the road with homeschool family vacations and learning adventures
  • Find out how to connect with others and how to include group activities in your homeschool

Packed with insider information, and over 20 more chapters and appendices than the last edition (previous editions were called The Big Book of Home Learning, Volume 1), Mary Pride's Complete Guide to Getting Started in Homeschooling helps you pinpoint the best teaching methods for your child . . . catch up with what's new in homeschool options and issues . . . and get inspired with the success that's waiting for you!

Ideal for new homeschoolers and those just considering homeschooling, Mary Pride's Complete Guide is also sure to please veteran home educators with its up-to-date and expanded information on how to find everything from the newest contests to the coolest learning adventures.

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