mixed books 7th grade-12th grade various

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mixed books 7th grade-12th grade various

Postby moosetracks » Tue Jan 12, 2010 3:39 pm

Abeka 7th Science order and Reality test/study teachers key ISBN#25933006 (new) $2.00
8th geography Studies & projects Western Hemisphere teachers key (new) $2.00
8th America Land I Love teacher quiz key (mint condition) $2.00
8th America Land I Love teacher teacher’s test key $2.00
9th Abeka Grammar & composition III test/quiz key ISBN#71803003 $3.00
9th Abeka Science of physical Creation test key ISBN#52604010 $2.00
9th Abeka Science of physical Creation Quiz key ISBN#52639011 $2.00
10th grade Abeka World History and culture Teachers guide 57231008 (like new) asking $5.00
10th grade Abeka World History and culture tests/map project key ISBN#57266008 $2.00
Abeka Algebra II traditional 1987 edition Student Text and Text Solution Key. I love the text solution key. For Both books (together) asking $5.00
10th grade Abeka Grammar and composition IV Teachers guide previous edition $4.00
Abeka trigonometry with tables ISBN#58947006 (new) $6.00
Abeka trigonometry solution key ISBN#46051009 $6.00
Abeka trigonometry answer key to text ISBN#46043008 (new) $5.00
Abeka Geometry Traditional approach text ISBN#18015005 $4.00
Abeka Geometry Traditional approach Solution Key ISBN#46078009 $5.00
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Geometry highlighted asking $2.00
CliffsStudySolver Chemistry ISBN#0-7645-7419-1 $2.00
Vocabulary for Achievement (third edition) Teachers Edition by Houghton Mifflin ISBN#2-26719 $2.00
Vocabulary for Achievement (Fourth Course), Teachers Edition by Houghton Mifflin ISBN#2-26754 $2.00
Keys to good language level 5 teachers edition, plus Keys to good language workbook asking $4.00
Cello Book 1 String Explorer plus CD for PC ISBN#0-7390-2312-8 (new) asking $4.00
Power Glide Foreign Language Latin 8 cassette tapes $8.00
The Latin Road to English Grammer Volume 1 set (set includes student text, teachers guide, and cassette tape) by Barbara Beers. –{The program is set up in a step by step process. It has everything you need to teach Latin. I think you will be amazed.}— $8.00
Cliff notes: The Bluest Eye & Sula ISBN#0822002515 $1.00
Cliff notes: Moby -CENSORED- ISBN#0822008521
Cliff notes: Red Badge of Courage $1.00
Cliff notes: Huckleberry Finn ISBN#076458604 $1.00
Cliff notes: A Farewell to Arms ISBN#0822004615 $1.00
Cliff notes: Othello ISBN#0822000636 $1.00
Cliff notes: Romeo and Juliet ISBN#0822000741 $1.00
Elmers Surviving Science Fair: A Guide to Successful Science Fair Projects ISBN#7994604901 $1.00
Abeka A Science Project ISBN#23221007 –{helps with library research, investigation, fair exhibit, and the oral presentation}-- $2.00
A+ Projects in Chemistry by Janice VanCleave ISBN#0471586307 $5.00

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