Can you help with my online advent calendar?

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Can you help with my online advent calendar?

Postby SparkyTeaching » Wed Nov 25, 2009 4:10 pm

Hello there - I am a teacher from the UK who runs my own website. I'm trying to set up a free online advent calendar where each day reveals a piece of children's artwork based on the question "What does Christmas mean to you?" I will be using it in class and I hope regular readers of my site will take a look too.

I have posted on regular teaching websites for teachers to participate, but thought I might get some interesting responses from home-schooled kids too...

The idea is that children all over the world will be able to see what others think about Christmas. It means a lot to me and this is my feeble attempt to get children thinking about what the real meaning might be.

If your children are interested, I have posted the competition rules at ... -calendar/

Basically you can enter by e-mailing your drawing or painting to competition<at>

It would be really interesting to see what home-schooled children have to offer on the subject of what Christmas means to them.

Patrick Webb

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