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Postby Krys679 » Tue Nov 10, 2009 3:24 pm

Okay i set out wanting to homeschool my son...he just turned 10...i feel it is a great need to homeschool him. but everytime i get on a site asking for help they never give me the answers that i need.
I the georgia laws and completely understand them...and i understand all that i have to do...problem is no one on these things can tell me how much it cost to get it started like its some hidden fee...can someone please help me....i sincerely want to do this for my son.

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Postby mschickie » Tue Nov 10, 2009 6:44 pm

The cost of homeschooling can really vary. Some folks use mainly library books and workbooks they get at local stores or printouts on line. For them the cost is pretty cheap but there is usually alot of prep work involved. There are a variety of different curriculums out there if you want to purchase them. I have in the past gotten alot of my curriculum at used book sales or from sites like ebay or This year for my youngest I went with Sonlight which organizes most everything for you. The cost for me was around $ 700 or so for core 1 once I added my math, handwritting and science. Now the year before for my high school student it only cost me around $300 since I was able to find most everything used.

Now those are just the cost of curriculum. If you want to add everything in we also belong to a homeschool group and that cost us $40 a year. We also have the kids take outside co-op classes and other classes that usually run $100-200 a year per child. Now you do not have to belong to a group or take outside classes, that is your choice. I know many homeschoolers who do not. If you need to do standardized testing the average cost of that is around $40 or so.

I hope that helps a little.

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Postby ontheprairie » Tue Nov 10, 2009 6:57 pm

I'm sorry you are feeling frustrated Krys. I homeschool 3 children... ages 11, 10, and 6. Our youngest is 3 so he usually just watches or plays. We use Abeka Book and are on our second year. On average it has cost us $400 a kids per year. Since our second is only a year behind our first I have save myself money by re-using the text books and only buying the test books and books they have to write in {English, Math, penmenship}.

Have you decided what curriculum you are going with?
~ Eva

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