homeschooling a high school student while only parent working outside of home

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homeschooling a high school student while only parent working outside of home

Postby LisaC » Sat Jul 30, 2016 2:45 pm

Hoping that I'm not the only one to have attempted this.

I had homeschooled by daughter from fifth through 10th grades before having to return to work full time (due to divorce I could no longer afford to stay home). I initially enrolled my daughter in a parochial school for 11th grade, but she was hospitalized for major depression twice. I finally pulled her back out of school at her request. She was making good grades while enrolled in school, but her depression made it very difficult to get to school, let alone complete all of the work.

She is doing a little better now, and we are basically restarting her junior year (meaning that she will graduate a year late). She is excited about the curriculum (Sonlight for history and language arts, Apologia for science and Teaching Textbooks for math--foreign language is being taken of outside of the house).

I don't know if I need advice so much as moral support (but good advice would be welcome too). My main concerns are math and science. I might be tempted to put her in a co-op type environment, but I can't get her there (she may or may not have a license and car soon). Additionally, if her depression worsens, she might not be able to get herself to class at all.

Realistically, I can check her work but can't help with math and science. Even with the regular subjects, I cannot be as involved as in past years. I am teaching public school while my child is at home attempting to get her own work done.

Thanks in advance!

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